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Why Mac Battery Not Charging? Solve with Easy Steps

Despite rendering extensible features and incredible functionalities which easily attract global bases uses, Mac Battery not charging is the most talked about problem. It becomes an annoying issue when you get stuck with the error message, displayed on the screen. Therefore, you won’t be able to use the Mac device without fixing this unexpected issue. However, we are going to describe the technical ways to fix this annoying issue along with the specific reasons behind it.

Significant Issues Behind “Mac not Charging” Problem

There are some major reasons responsible for this severe issue. Moreover, you won’t be able to fix this problem without identifying the core factors behind the issue. So, let’s know the crucial reasons that damage the Mac battery.

  1. If there are any hardware faults, you can see the port damaged issue or defective cable, then it creates the Mac battery not charging problem very often.
  2. If any debris or the metallic particles are present inside the port, then the adapter connection issue arises.
  3. The damaged Electric power outlet, sometimes causes the Mac not charging problem.
  4. Many times, the battery power affects the battery health and causes the Mac battery is not working problem, as it damages the battery life.
  5. Faulty System Management Controller becomes one of the biggest issues for the Mac not charging problem and reduces the battery life as well.

Resolve the Mac Battery not Charging Issue through Technical Ways

There are effective ways to fix the Mac charging problem without any technical hassle. Moreover, it enhances the battery health with maximum accuracy. So, we are going to discuss the technical ways to fix this annoying issue. So, you might try out the methods below to resolve the problem immediately.

Inspect the Hardware physically

Make sure that the port is not damaged. Moreover, if it is detected that the port is faulty, then try with another port. After that, repair the port as soon as possible, if necessary. Besides this, clear the debris or solid particles, if it is seen inside the port. Otherwise, it creates a problem in connecting the adapter to the device via the port.

Similarly, check whether the cable is defective or not and if any problem is found, then immediately replace it with a new one.

Verify Power Outlet

Check whether the outlet is working perfectly or not. If the power outlet is not responding, then try with the new one. So, try to connect the adapter to the other outlets and check whether the same issue persists or not. Otherwise, you can repair the electric outlet to fix the Mac not charging problem.

Reboot the MacBook Device

The simplest way is to restart the MacBook device to fix the Mac battery issue temporarily. So, you can reboot the MacBook to overcome this critical issue quickly.

  1. Start the iPhone device and click the Apple logo, from the top-left corner of the appeared screen.
  2. Now, tap on the Restart button and wait until the Apple logo appears on the display.
  3. Finally, try to connect the adapter to that device and verify that the Mac battery not charging issue is fixed or not.

Reset SMC

To perform the reset the System Management Controller, you can fix the Mac battery not charging issue within a short period of time. The following steps will be helpful to make the process very easy to perform.

  1. Click on the Apple menu and choose Shut Down from the appeared menu items.
  2. Next, disconnect all the external drives attached to it.
  3. After that, connect the power adapter to the Apple device and reinstall the removable battery.
  4. Next, hold down the Shift key and press the ‘Control and Options’ button along with the Power button.
  5. Wait for 4-5 seconds and restart the device after releasing all the keys together.
  6. Finally, press the Power button and it will start to reboot the MacBook with the SMC reset process.

Unplug and Replug the device again

Many times, you can resolve the Mac not charging issue by disconnecting the device adapter from the power outlet and re-plug it again. This is one of the primary methods to fix it.

  1. Disconnect the power adapter from the Mac device.
  2. Now, separate the Mac battery from the device and also detach the device from the power outlet.
  3. Wait for 1-3 minutes and insert the battery into the device and connect it to the power outlet.
  4. Now, reboot the device and connect the MacBook to the charging point to check whether the Mac not charging issue got fixed or not.

Check the Battery Health

To increase the battery health is important to avoid the Mac battery not charging issue. Moreover, it plays an effective role to enhance the MacBook battery life that triggers the Mac performance.

  1. Press the Alt button and hold it for a few seconds.
  2. Wait until the Battery icon appears in the menu bar.
  3. Now, check the battery status as you can see four different status of the battery.

In the case of Normal status, you are sure that the battery is working properly.

If it shows the Replace Soon, then it indicates that the battery works fine but it lost the charge holding capacity as it did before.

If the battery fails to store the charge, then it will show “Replace Now”, as the status.

Service Battery Status appears when the battery needs immediate replacement. Otherwise, it starts to damage the Macbook device.

So, verify the status and take immediate action to fix it. When done, restart the MacBook in Normal mode and check the same issue still occurs or not.

Bottom Line

In the above article, we have defined the steps to overcome the Mac battery not charging issue effectively. Moreover, we have defined the significant reasons for this annoying issue. Furthermore, we have tried to analyze the possible symptoms behind this severe issue. We hope this content will help you a lot to resolve the Mac not charging problem permanently.