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Why iOS 10 Voicemail Transcription Not Working?

Generally, the iOS 10 voicemail transcription not working issue strikes to your device while updating an iOS update. When you are not available to hear to the voicemail, the voicemail transcription helps you to send a notification. Sometimes, it can be pretty annoying to find the exact causes behind this problem. One of the possible reasons behind the occurrence of this issue can be that the iOS device is previously configured by the end-user. If you change the mobile carrier, you may confront this error. However, if you face this issue, then we can help you to get rid of this error. In this passage, we are going to discuss common causes, major symptoms and some effective methods to mitigate this problem. So, go through the article and solve this error.  

Major Symptoms for iOS 10 Voicemail Transcription Not Working Issue:

There are several symptoms which you might notice to realize that this iOS 10 voicemail transcription not working issue has occurred. Let’s discuss the symptoms in brief:

  1. iPhone is not showing voicemail or visual voice mails.
  2. iPhone voicemail won’t play
  3. Voicemail will not load or show up
  4. Voicemail transcription not available
  5. After modifying the SIM card, new voicemail cannot be updated.
  6. Visual Voicemail not accessible or unavailable.
  7. Not able to delete voice mail from the inbox.
  8. Not able to leave a visual voice mail to contacts.
  9. Voice mail sound is not working properly.
  10. transcription turn off problem
  11. iPhone voicemail call failed
  12. iPhone voicemail won’t delete

Know the Possible Causes of iOS 10 Voicemail Not Working Issue:

In the case of this issue, there are many causes due to which you can encounter this troublesome issue. As a result, it can be quite problematic for you, getting in the way of your work. In this section, we will provide the possible reasons why you confront this problem. So, let’s take a glance below:

  1. Weak or no cellular connectivity
  2. Phone app problem.
  3. The settings of Voicemail are not proper.
  4. Outdated carrier settings
  5. The Airplane mode is on.
  6. The Carrier settings are not fully updated.

Efficient Tricks to Eradicate iOS 10 Voicemail Won’t Work Issue

Here is some list of solutions we have prepared to resolve this error. So, you can try any of these hacks to remove this problem from the system.

Hack 1: Check if Voicemail Setup is Correct

The first thing is to check if the Voicemail setup is properly done or not. When you update the system, this can change the handset configuration accordingly. Just follow the below instructions to check out the Voicemail setup.

  1. First of all, open the Phone app.
  2. Then, click on ‘Voicemail’.
  3. Now, select ‘Set Up Now’.
  4. After that, build a new password of your Voicemail account.
  5. Next, click on the ‘Done’ option to make all the changes.
  6. Finally, check if the issue is resolved or not. If not, proceed through the next solution.

Hack 2: Restart the iPhone

In this step, a clean restart helps you to fix this problem. So, you need to do it by applying these steps:

  1. At first, click and hold the Power and Volume button at the same time. When you see the Apple logo key, release the keys.
  2. Then, press and hold the Power button and the Home button simultaneously until the Apple logo appears.
  3. Next, switch off and then on the device.
  1. After that, hold the ‘Power’ button.
  2. When you notice the message on the screen that shows ‘Slide to Power off’, leave the Power button.
  3. Now, move the Toggle switch from the right side to the left-hand side.
  4. Then, turn off the system and wait for a couple of seconds.
  5. Again, tap and hold the Power key.
  6. When the Apple logo appears on the screen, the process is done.
  7. At last, check if the problem is fixed or not.

Hack 3: Update the Settings of Mobile Carrier

Carrier settings can be the main reason for this iOS 10 voicemail transcription not working issue. If the carrier settings are not fully updated, this issue might occur. So, you need to update the settings of the mobile carrier in a proper way. So, try to go through the following steps carefully:

  1. Firstly, allocate the Settings Folder and click on it.
  2. Then, click on the ‘General’ option.
  3. When a new page opens on the screen, choose ‘About’.
  4. After that, check if an update option is available or not. If yes, then a message pops up on the screen that says ‘Carrier Settings Update New settings are available. Would you like to update them now? Choose the Update’ button.
  1. Now, the settings of your mobile carrier can be updated automatically.
  2. Then, open the Voicemail and inspect if it is working or not. If not, go to the next hack.

Hack 4: Try to Call Voicemail Directly from iDevice

Most of the times, you can fix this trouble after calling the voice mail number once. So, dial your own number from your device and type the pin to access the Voicemail’s inbox. Then, you can see a pop-up notification with a voice mail. Now, the issue might be solved.

Hack 5: Fix it with the Help of Siri

This is one of the simplest and fastest tricks to perform. So, go through these steps one-by-one and apply them in your own way:

  1. First of all, open the Settings option and select ‘Siri & Search’.
  2. After that, click on the ‘Press Home for Siri’ option.
  3. Next, press the Home and Power button both for sometimes.
  4. Now, figure out if the issue still occurs or not.

Hack 6: Reset the Time Zone

If you face this problem again, then reset the time-zone on your device. To do that, follow the below steps carefully:

  1. Go to the Settings option.
  2. Then, click on ‘General’.
  3. Now, select ‘Date & Time’.
  4. After that, click on the ‘Set Automatically’ option and turn it on.

Hack 7: Check the Setup of the Voicemail

After updating the iOS version, the Voicemail settings can be modified. This might create problems. So, the best trick is to examine the Voicemail setup. So, you need to follow the steps stated below to do so:

  1. At first, select the Phone application and launch it.
  2. After that, click on the Voicemail option.
  3. Then, choose ‘Set Up Now’ in a new window.
  4. Next, type a new password for the Voicemail.
  5. When you put the password, press on the ‘Done’ option to confirm your new Voicemail password.
  6. When you create a Greeting message for your caller. There are two options. One is the Default and the other is Custom. When you set the Greeting message, select the Save option.
  7. Lastly, figure out whether the iOS 10 voicemail transcription not working issue is resolved or not.

Hack 8: Switch On and Off the Airplane Mode

If none of the methods can work for this problem, then turning on and off the Airplane mode can help you to resolve it quickly. To perform it, follow the below guidelines carefully:

  1. First of all, click on the ‘Settings’ option.
  2. Then, allocate the ‘Airplane Mode’ option and toggle the switch to the ‘On’ position.
  3. Now, wait for a few moment and power of the switch.
  4. After that, open the ‘Voicemail’ folder and try to activate it.
  5. Finally, check if the issue persists or not. If yes, go through the next method.

Hack 9: Toggle Cellular Service

After applying the above processes, if you can not resolve the iOS 10 voicemail transcription not working problem, then you can toggle the cellular service. Here is a way to perform it. Lets, look at the instruction below:

  1. At first, go to the ‘Settings’ option and select the ‘Cellular’ option.
  2. After that, click on the ‘Cellular Data’ option and disable it.
  3. Now, wait for a while to activate the Cellular data.
  4. Finally, check if the Voicemail is working correctly or not.

Hack 10: Setup the Network Settings

You can also eradicate this problem by setting up the Network. So, try to follow the instructions cited below:

  1. Firstly, go to the ‘Settings’ option and click on the ‘General’ option from the ‘Settings’ page.
  2. When a new window appears, select ‘Reset’.
  3. Next, click on the ‘Reset Network Settings’ option.
  4. Now, wait for sometimes and return to the Factory settings.
  5. Lastly, check if the error gets removed or not.

Solution 11: Update iOS

The last thing is to update the iOS version and you can get rid of the issue completely. It is necessary to update your iOS device when you see a notification saying an update is available. Otherwise, you can inspect the system if the device has an update or not. So, you can go through these steps below and try to apply them.

  1. At first, go to the Settings option.
  2. Select ‘General’.
  3. Then, select the ‘Software Update’ option.
  4. Now, choose ‘Download and Install’.
  5. When you will be asked to eliminate these apps temporarily to clear the space from your device, click on ‘Continue’.
  6. After that, select Install and it will begin to upgrade the iOS device.
  7. In the end, enter your passcode and wait for a few seconds.
  8. After completing the process, check whether the issue is fixed or not.

Hope that the above methods help you to fix this annoying situation. As always, if you encounter some problem regarding this error, then put your comment in below section that will help you to fix iOS 10 voicemail transcription not working issue.