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How to solve Apple Music Not Working iOS 10

With the advent of technology, many of us are inclined towards the use of Apple Music services. So, when it stops working as per expectations and displaying several kinds of problems, it totally hampers the day as well as equilibrium. There are several Apple users who have reported some Apple music problems after updating the iOS to the recent version. According to the report, the users are unable to play any music, once if this issue occurs in their device. Henceforth, if such kind of situation creeps in, it becomes very annoying at times. We understand your frustration and henceforth, this article will give you a handful of tips to fix Apple music not working iOS 10 issue.

Quick Steps to Resolve Apple Music Not Working Issues:

  1. First, you need to go for a restart or a forced restart.
  2. Then, you need to toggle off superior quality streaming.
  3. Thereafter, you must switch off the LTE/Cellular Data. Then, you need to connect through Wi-Fi
  4. Next, you need to refresh the connection to Apple iCloud Music Library through toggling it back and forth.
  5. If the problem is associated with some specific songs, then you need to delete one of those songs and download that again. Next, you need to examine if the issue persists or not.
  6. Furthermore, you need to shut down the music app as well as other apps through which you play the music.
  7. After that, you just need to reset the network settings.

How to Troubleshoot Apple Music Not Working iOS 10 Issue:

You just need to follow some basic guidelines in order to combat Apple music not working iOS 10 issues:

Free Space on iPhone, iPad, or iPod

If you are unable to download songs or view albums from Apple music, you need to delete some space. It is such that, if you have a space of around 3-4 GB, it will allow Apple music to download songs, art, albums and many more. According to the latest survey, Apple music works properly upon removal of the internal space.

Forced Restart

1. In iPhone 10 or all other iPads equipped with Home buttons and iPod touches, you need to click on Home as well as Power button simultaneously till you find the Apple logo.

2. Then, you need to press and hold both Side and Volume Down buttons for some time until you find the Apple logo.

3. In that iPad with no Home buttons, you need to click and then release the Volume Up button. Finally, you need to hold and press the Side button till you see the Apple logo.

Update iOS and iTunes

1. First and foremost thing is that you need to update the iOS device to the recent version.

2. Moreover, if you are using a Mac device or PC, After that, you need to upgrade to the latest iTunes.

3. Once Apple Music is back on track and functioning properly, you need to restore the device from iTunes backup,

Apple Music Search Not Working iOS 10:

Lyrics Search Function

If you start with iOS 10, you may look for music with the help of lyrics. If you know some lines of a song, you just need to enter that in the lyric search function and music will automatically start. This is typically a new feature incorporated in iOS. However, if not handled properly, it may lead to Apple music not working iOS 10 issue.

Troubleshoot Apple Music Search Function

When you are looking for any music with the help of Apple Music app, it might happen that the search got stuck or does not provide any fruitful result. However, this search methodology in Apple music suddenly stops working for no major issues. Henceforth, you can only enjoy that music which was previously added to your favorites. You need to follow this workaround in order to get the search to start up in the Apple Music app.

  1. You may ask your friend to send you a link to the Apple music item.
  2. Moreover, you can open the link with the help of Safari
  3. You need to hit that for the purpose of opening the Music app,
  4. Now, the music will start working.

Additional Steps to Overcome Apple Music Not Working iOS 10 Problem:

First and foremost thing is to restart the device and then you can go ahead with the below steps

Disable Music Cellular or Mobile Data

1. You need to move to the Settings options.

2. Then, you need to click on Music.

3. Furthermore, you need to press Cellular Data and then you need to toggle off. If you don’t wish to do that, then you need to toggle off superior quality streaming and check if it functions.

Turning iCloud Music Library Off and then Switch ON

1. First, you need to hover on to Settings. Then, you need to click on Music. Afterward, you need to click on iCloud Music Library in order to turn off.

2. Then, you need to close the Settings by pressing the Home button. Otherwise, you can swipe up the Home Gesture Bar and that too on the Settings App Preview.

3. After that, you need to return it back to the Settings. Then, click on Music and after that, you need to press iCloud Music Library in order to turn on.

4. Next, you need to establish Apple Music and examine whether it is working fine or not.

5. Furthermore, if you are using WiFi, you need to turn off and then start using Cellular Data. Else, if you are using cellular data, you need to turn that off and start using Wi-Fi. Please ensure that you have turned on the cellular data. For that, you just need to move to Settings and click the App and iTunes Store.

6. Finally, you need to turn on cellular data.

Restart Mac App

This is a very simple step to combat Apple music not working iOS 10 issues.

1. You just need to press the Home button two times or else you can swipe up the Home Gesture Bar.

2. Next, you need to swipe up the Music app in order to close it. Eventually, you need to relaunch the app.

Reset Network Settings

1. First, you need to move to Settings.

2. Then click on General.

3. Afterward, you need to press the Reset option.

4. Then, you need to press Reset Network Settings

Know How to Resolve Apple Music Audio Stuttering After iOS Update:

Most of the users face this problem with Apple Music after upgrading their iPhone to the latest version. However, most of the users that continue viewing this problem can attain success after removing the Music app from the iPhone and thereafter reinstall it again. You may have to resync it after you have finished reinstalling the Apple Music App.

Not Being Able to Rate Music After iOS Update: How to Fix It

Apple has gone through various changes and most of it is reflected in their App store. In order to rate the music present in the now playing view, you need to press album artwork. After that, you will find star settings. This update is basically an interesting modification when it comes to App interaction.

How to Find My Music after an Update?

There are several problems which the readers face nowadays after receiving iOS updates. This is one of the major setbacks which governs Apple music not working iOS 10 issue. Henceforth, follow the below steps to avoid this in the near future

1. First, you need to move to the Settings. Next, you need to click on the Apple ID profile. Then, you need to open iTunes & App Store. After that, you need to turn off the Use Mobile (Cellular) Data.

2. Thereafter, you need to examine the iPhone by moving to Settings option. Then, click on Music. Also, you need to inspect whether iCloud Music Library is turned on to view the music on your iPhone.

3. Next, you need to disable the iCloud Music Library. Then, you need to reboot it and enable it to keep it back on track.

4. Now, you need to make an attempt to incorporate a single song without adding it to the playlist.

5. Next, you need to move to the Settings option. After that, press the Apple ID Profile.

6. Now, you need to hover on to iTunes & App Store.

7. Finally, you need to sign out of the account and then back again.

It is basically the network settings which the music app basically looks forward to and can’t receive any update. However, if you still encounter the aforementioned issue after an update, you need to reset network settings.

How to Fix After Being Signed Out of Apple ID and Lost All your Apple Music?

This problem is simple to solve. You just need to bring iCloud Music Library back on track.

1. You need to move to Settings. After that, click on Music.

2. Then, you need to turn on iCloud Music Library present under Library heading.

3. You need to retrace back to the Music app and examine if your music comes back.

4. Moreover, you need to ensure that you signed in to iTunes with the same Apple ID that you use for Apple Music membership.

5. If you are using a Mac, you need to move to iTunes. Then, you need to click on Preferences under that tab. After that, you need to turn on iCloud Music Library. It is present on the General tab just below the library name. Toggling the iCloud Music Library will bring back all the Apple music and also it recollects what all songs were saved into the local desktop.

Repeat Song, Use Shuffle

Shuffling music is not an issue. There are several users who run iOS 10 versions and they came up with the conclusion that shuffling is not being accessed as well as repeat songs control present on their phone.

In the music app, when you view the song full screen, you need to move down slightly beneath the volume slider in order to pinpoint the controls for shuffle as well as repeat functions. First, you need to swipe up and then start playing the songs in random order. Then, you need to tap again in order to switch off the shuffle. You must hit Shuffle All when you are seeing the contents of a playlist. Then, you need to repeat the process. In order to repeat the process, you need to swipe up and tap on the designated symbol in order to repeat an album or playlist. Finally, you have to double tap in order to repeat a single song.

How to Overcome Apple Music Crash After iOS Upgrade?

With the latest version of Apple iOS, the majority of the users detect that Music App crashes incessantly on their iPhone which leads to Apple music not working iOS 10 issue. This issue is mainly evident among international users. You can use the under-mentioned workaround to prevent this music app from crashing and eradicate Apple music not working iOS 10 issue

1. Firstly, you need to hit Settings. Next, you have to click the Apple ID Profile and navigate to the iTunes & App Store.

2. Moreover, you need to tap on Apple ID. Then, you have to select View Apple ID.

3. Next, you have to modify the Country/Region.

4. Furthermore, you have to save the settings and make an attempt to use the music app. It should function properly. When it starts working, you can move back again. Then, you need to modify the Country/Region setting to a particular location.

Parting Words

This article will cover all the essential fixes pertaining to Apple music not working iOS 10 issues. Henceforth, patiently go through this informative user guide to get a thorough detail about the effective fixes that you must adhere to. Moreover, you can refer the user manual to have a quick glance. Also, you can provide your valuable feedback in the comment section below.