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Useful Tricks for Multi Touch Gesture on MacBook

Useful Tricks for Multi Touch Gesture on MacBook

MacBook series of Apple is packed with unlimited innovative features, tracked gesture is also one of them that provide an option to control various functions or perform many shortcut tasks at one click by fingers only. Quick zooming, scrolling and navigating are few tricks that can be done easily on any MacBook computer including MacBook Pro and Air. To know how to use multi-touch gestures on your MacBook read the clauses given below.

Tricks for Multi Touch Gesture on MacBook

Zooming and Scrolling

Just keep your fingers on trackpad and pinch two fingers to zoom in our out. You can also try double tap with two fingers to enjoy automatic zoom in & out feature. While on the other hand for scrolling through touchpad, you have to use two fingers by sliding to fingers up or down as per the web page open on browser of your system.

Launchpad and Show Desktop

To open Launchpad just pinch your thumb and three fingers together to show Launchpad. This useful gesture trick helps to view the installed apps on your system and launch them at one click. While to show the desktop on your MacBook just spread your thumb and three fingers separately. To enable these important gesture tricks you can take help of MacBook technical support and activate Launchpad and show desktop.

Dragging and Rotation of Articles

To drag an article on your MacBook screen, use three fingers and drag the item on screen and you can move any article from one place to another place. To rotate the article through gesture you can rotate images or other compatible items using two fingers around each other. If it not works, then take Apple technical support for help.

Searching and Control View of Frames

To find or search anything using a word or synonyms, you can use three fingers on your touchpad and tap fingers to look up a word to search its definition or find synonyms. To show all the windows together use your fingers together on trackpad and swipe upwards, and to collapse all windows just swipe back down by your four fingers.


Open Notification Center with Gesture

Using gesture touchpad on your MacBook, you can open notification center by using your fingers thru swiping in the fingers from left to right edge of the pad. Using this action you can open notification center within few seconds on your MacBook. If you face any problem, then get Apple Tech Support Number to check the gesture setting.

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