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Understanding and Troubleshoot 5 Most Common Errors of MacBook OS

Understanding and Troubleshoot 5 Most Common Errors of MacBook OS

MacBook computers work on the most advance technology and there could be unexpected errors stopping you to move further. Though each error message is clearly defined to instruct the user and follow the next step accordingly but sometimes it’s hard to recognize. Hence, you need to know what each Mac error means so that you can take corrective measures or call to apple technical support to solve the issue.      

Error 1: The Application “Program Name” Quit Unexpectedly

This error is one of the most common error messages of Mac OS X. This message occurs once in a blue moon and not affects other programs or applications. To remove this you can restart the application and it will be most probably not visible there. You can also see the details of the error and re-launch the app.

fix Application “Program Name” Quit Unexpectedly

Error 2: When You Startup Disk Is Almost Full

As the message displays when your MacBook’s hard drive is full and there is no space left any more to store anymore data. You just need to free some space from your MacBook hard disk. To make a space you can take help of apple tech support or simply empty the trash folder as it can give you lots of space.

fix When You Startup Disk Is Almost Full

Error 3: You Cannot Open the Application As It Is Not Supported By This Type Mac

Your operating system will show this error message if you cannot run a particular application on your current version of Mac OS X. Hence, you need to update the affected program as recent versions may work only with other versions of Mac OS. Usually app developers release the latest versions to update with an Apple Mac OS X update sooner or later. If there is no such update you can get mac technical support to check the other possible measures and fix them to update your MacBook.

fix Cannot Open the Application

Error 4: A Folder with Question Mark

This error means that your Mac cannot find your hard disk, as Mac OS can start with multiple other drives including external connected derives and when it disconnected and system startup then this errors message appears. And this error message can also appear when there is something wrong with your Mac’s internal hard disk. And if it not works you can contact to mac support number for quick help.

A Folder with Question Mark

Error 5: Error Report

Sometimes while using a program crashes itself and displays a message called “Error Report”. This error report is a list of all information that the developer uses to fix the common issues. You can click OK to send the report to the developer but you will not get a personal response. The entire data is gathered and used to detect the general issues, instead of a specific problem. And if this message appears again-and-again you can remove it from program’s preferences from the library or dial to apple help number+1-855-648-2934.

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