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Unable to Verify Apple ID How To Verify New Apple ID?

The two-step verification process of users’ Apple ID is known as an additional security feature to secure the account. This blog will guide users to How to Verify Apple ID in easy ways. Also, one can approach for professional help at Apple Customer Support Number+1-855-648-2934. This further requires users to verify their own identity by using the Apple device on which they are working on before managing their account. Also, users need to do it before they are making any purchases on the App Store or even on iTunes. Below are steps explained by experts to solve this issue in easy steps.

Steps To Verify your New Apple ID?

How To Verify Apple ID

Step 1: Access the Apple ID website

  • Open any of your browser and then, type the appropriate address in the address bar. Click the “Enter” button from the keyboard to easily proceed to the web page.

Step 2: Sign into the Apple account with accurate details

  • Enter the accurate Apple ID as well as password on the fields just provided to you and hit the ‘Enter’ icon on the keyboard for easy login process
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Step 3: Access the Password and Security settings

  • Users are next asked to select the “Password and Security” option as instructed by Apple Customer Service professional team which is located just at the left part of the Mac screen.
  • The next thing will be answering your account’s security question properly. This should be done on the field just provided on the right part of the screen. Click to choose the “Continue” button when users are done with the above process, and they will be brought to the verification page. Now, verify and click the “Get Started” icon on the Verification page.
  • Tap the “Continue” button which will appear just on the next Verification page.

Step 4: Working with 4 digit numbers

  • Get the 4-digit-code which will be sent to the iOS device. Now, enter the 4-digit code so that the next time when you will sign into the account, this 4-digit code will simply work out that was sent to your iOS device.
  • Your verification process will completely be done now.

Recover Apple ID if Password Email Address or Security Questions are Forgotten

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