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Troubleshooting Printing issues for Mac OS X Yosemite

Troubleshooting Printing issues for Mac OS X Yosemite

If your MacBook is facing issues while printing document through Mac OS X Yosemite, then there are possibilities of technical errors stopping your Mac to get print outs. The issue can be anything that can affect printing but can be troubleshoot using the steps given below. Apple running on Mac OS X Yosemite should take help of MacBook Technical Support to perform this task.

Resume Printing and Try Again

When your Mac not able to print, then open the dock to check the printer queue window, and if your printer is on paused mode, then press resume button. If a print job is already on the queue then press job button on the right and delete this task and again give print. If it doesn’t work, take Apple Support to resume printing job from your Mac OS X Yosemite.

Check Network Connection

Network related issues also interrupt printing process, hence check the network connection of your printer and make sure it is well-connected with your Mac. Wi-Fi printer can be connected with multiple devices at a time, check your Mac that the printer is showing on your computer or not. If not showing, add printer on your network using right IP address on your Mac.

Make Sure to Use Updated Software   

Sometimes older versions of printer software not support the drivers. If you are using printer with other users, then make sure to use same updated version of software. To check the version, go to the system preferences and printer & scanner option to find the driver version. To update version Apple Technical Support Number +1 888-208-8522 is available right here for every Mac user.

Remove and Add Printer Again to Print 

If you cannot print through existing printer, then remove it and add again correctly to try print again. To add new printer remove the older one and add new one that is on your network. Offline printer cannot be added or if any other user is sharing this printer and stopped sharing, then it cannot be added until bring it on the network and enable sharing with others.

apple-technical-support-numberTry Print from Another Application

Finally when you not able to print from Mac device, try another app to check that the problem is with your device or with printer. Use another app like Text Edit, and if problem persist, then go for other troubleshooting process to review your Mac OS X Yosemite settings for printer. And if problem persist, then Mac OS X Technical Support is only way to troubleshoot Printer issue.

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