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Enhance MacBook Battery Life

Useful tips to Enhance MacBook Battery Life

Every laptop runs on rechargeable batteries that give power backup up to hours as per its capacity and type of use.  Apple MacBook series are known for better battery life and high performance but if you not use it or not charge in right manner, the battery life and battery lifespan would be gradually reduced.

Battery Life, called to the number of hours your device runs on a single full charge. While Battery Lifespan is known as the number of years or time your battery lasts until you need to replace it with new one. However, you can maximize the Life and Lifespan of your MacBook battery through following tips.

Keep Update Your OS with Latest Version

Every time when apple releases the new version of its operating system (OS) it helps to improve the performance of MacBook and remove the bugs. And each new version of Apple OS includes advance energy-saving technologies to enhance the performance and life of MacBook battery. Hence, always check your MacBook OS and make sure to use latest version to keep it updated. If you don’t know how to update latest OS, take help of Apple Technical Support Services 1-800-281-3707 technicians to carry out this process.   

Take out Battery Cases during Charging 

Covering your device with cases while charging can generate heat, that will also affect its power capacity. Though, it helps to protect your device from dust and external atmosphere but at the time of changing you should remove it, especially when it becomes hot to maintain its temperature.

Charge Fully Every time You Plug in the Socket 

Many users plug their MacBook into socket to recharge it, but never charge it fully that affects Lifespan of Battery. Hence, you should always recharge your battery fully to enhance the Battery Lifespan of your MacBook device. It also helps to save electricity and efforts to recharge your battery again-and-again.

Charge Half When Store for Long Time Period

If your MacBook is not in use or you wanted to keep it for long time period keep it half­-charge. Because, keeping a fully discharge battery could fall into a deep discharge state and on the other hand, keeping battery fully charged for longer period without use also affects the capacity and lifespan of battery. And you should also keep your battery at cool and moister-free environment at around 30 degree Celsius. However, depending on your time period of keeping your MacBook for long period the performance and life span of battery get affected. However, for battery related issues call to Macbook technical support.