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Use Multi-Touch Gestures On Your MacBook

How to Use Multi-Touch Gestures On Your MacBook?

Apple MacBook known for many innovative features, trackpad gesture is one of them offers a very useful option to control various functions or perform useful task on your MacBook using your fingers only. You can quickly zoom in, or zoom out or can scroll and navigate the documents or multimedia applications.

Using the multi-touch trackpad you can swipe, pinch, tap and spread your fingers in different directions to perform various actions in just few seconds. Trackpad gesture works only with MacBook OS X Lion and above versions and below you can learn how to use trackpad gestures to navigate OS X.

How to Scroll: Scrolling is usually possible with mouse only, but Mac OS X makes it possible only using your two fingers by sliding to fingers up or down as per the page open on your website.

Zoom in & Out: You can zoom large or minimize any page or images on your Mac OS. Just pinch with two fingers to zoom in or out and double tap with two fingers to zoom in and out automatically.

Notification Center: You can open notification center using your fingers by swiping in fingers from the left to right edge. This is very helpful to open notification center within few seconds.

Rotation of Articles: Using trackpad gesture you can rotate images and other items on your MacBook. Move two fingers around each other to rotate such items, or you can also take Mac OS X support.

Launchpad Open: If you want to open Launchpad just pinch your thumb and three fingers together to display Launchpad. This application helps to view the installed your apps and launch them on one click.

Show Desktop: To show the desktop of your Mac computers you have to spread your thumb and three fingers separately. This action is just opposite the gesture act used to open Launchpad.

Mission Control View:  Use your four fingers together on trackpad and swipe upwards that will show you all the windows together. And for collapsing all windows just swipe back down using your four fingers.

Look Up: This action helps to find or search a word or synonyms. Just tap on particular word using three fingers to look up a word to find its definition or search synonyms etc.

Three Finger Drag: This gesture action on trackpad helps to drag the window around the screen. You have to use three fingers and drag an item on screen and if you are facing any problem while using these gestures just call- 1-800-281-3707 to online tech support for os x upgrade or problems with instant solution.