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How to Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues in Mac

Here, in this below blog, the steps to troubleshoot Wi-Fi connectivity issues in Mac will be described with appropriate solutions. If it is found that the Mac device is not easily be connected to the Wi-Fi connection, then the issue needs to be fixed on prompt basis. Users are requested to start from correct troubleshooting steps to rectify the actual root cause of the issue and fix them with appropriate solutions.

Steps to Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Connectivity issues in Mac Devices

Step 1: Preparation time

A) Check for Possible Symptoms

Wi-Fi connectivity issue may be related to network problem or is quite possible due to Wi-Fi computer joining issues with that network. If any other computer or even device is able to get an internet connection without any issue then, the Wi-Fi router is probably in a fine condition.

B) Check for Any Software Updates

•  Install all software updates that are available for Mac device.
• Next, users are requested to check for appropriate manufacturer to make sure that it has the latest firmware installed properly. If any update is available then, follow all given manufacturer’s instructions to update the firmware.

• To determine whether your Wi-Fi base station firmware is updated or not, get access to “Updating your software” section.

C) Check for Available Connections

• It is quite possible that networking issues are caused due to disconnected cables. To troubleshoot Wi-Fi connectivity issues, it is advised for users to verify that all Ethernet and power cables are well connected between a modem and a Wi-Fi router. Make sure that both connections are accurately established.

• Checking a particular device such as router and modem; both should be in “on” mode.
• Disconnect and carefully reconnect Ethernet cables.
• Replacement of the damaged Ethernet cable is suggested to resolve this issue

D) Verify for Recommended Settings of The Device

• Restart the network device first

• Powering on the modem for few seconds and then turn it on again to resolve network issues without any extra troubleshooting steps. One may easily contact their ISP in order to restore to resolve issues if found any.

Step 2: Troubleshooting Steps

The symptom may come as “Mac does not connect to the Internet”. To fix this problem, perform all below given procedures:

• First make sure that your Wi-Fi connection is on
• If still Wi-Fi connection issue is not connected then, make sure that the PC is connected to a correct Wi-Fi network. Further if your connection is still not established then, it is advised for users to perform a check of the TCP/IP settings in their Network area of System Preferences.
• Try to connect to the router via Ethernet but make sure that your Mac has Ethernet accessibility.
• Connect an Ethernet cable straight away to the Wi-Fi router from your computer.
• Check for a range to the Wi-Fi router and then reduce the interference effect next.
• At last, try to connect to a different Wi-Fi network.

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