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Stucked CD or DVD in MacBook Pro

How To Resolved a Stucked CD or DVD in MacBook Pro?

Having stucked CD or DVD in MacBook Pro is really a frustrating problem faced by users suddenly but yes, one can usually get rid of this issue by applying few expert tricks. This may be because of trying to boot the CD/DVD, and then the driver unexpectedly gets stuck in a loop while reading the disc. It further makes the MacBook in an unstable mode until users try to remove the disc. Here the situation occurs where users are unable to reach the desktop at all. The solution below has been outlined few ways to make users aware about how to fix a stuck CD/DVD in a MacBook Pro.

Steps to Resolve a Stucked CD or DVD in MacBook Pro

Stucked CD or DVD in MacBook Pro

Step 1: Ejecting a Stucked CD or DVD from a MacBook Pro

• If users have already tried holding down the Eject key on the keyboard to “no” avail option then try these few tips to remove that wretched DVD from the drive:
• Launch the Terminal section and then type the following command in the command line section:
drutil eject
• Reboot the MacBook / MacBook Pro by holding down the mouse/track-pad button as Mac device will now boot and the disk should pop out.

Step 2: Check whether the CD disc is still stuck inside the MacBook ?

If users are really finding it hard to resolve this issue of stucked CD/DVD in a MacBook Pro then, they are advised to try all below described steps. This suggestion was given by expert team working at Mac department:

• Shut down the Mac first
• Boot your Mac device and hold down the Trackpad button to initiate a ‘force eject’ mode
• Turn on the MacBook Pro on its side with the help of CD/DVD drive pointing downwards and shake the CD to pop out

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