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How To Stream Media from iPhone to PS3 Without Jailbreaking?

Between the AirPlay and the Apple TV, streaming media content from iPhone toTV has is simple. But those who don’t have Apple TV, the tasks are tough. The blog will guide How to Stream Media from iPhone to PS3 Without Jailbreaking. For better guidance, connect to iPhone Customer Support Number. However, the process seems to be easy with a Sony PS3 system. But how users are gonna do it without jailbreaking. Using the iMediaShare application, one can easily use their iPhone to sling music, pictures, as well as videos to the PS3 with ease. Some of the users may have already heard of the program, but for those who have not, are a game changer for them.

Here are Steps to Stream Media from iPhone to PS3 without Jailbreaking

As long users have a wireless network setup in their home, an iOS device as well as a PS3 can easily access the iMedia Share to stream media to the TV set in a wireless mode. It’s extremely simple for users to understand and work with it.  Below are guidelines written by iPhone Customer Service Professionals to Perform Streaming process to PS3:

Stream Media From iPhone To PS3 Without Jailbreaking


Step 1: Download the iMediaShare from the App Store which is available to users absolutely free and then, launch it.

Step 2: Turn on the PS3 media while ensuring that the iOS device is working on the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 3: Now, the iDevice will pop up on the PS3 just under the Music, Video as well as Photo Gallery sections.

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Step 4: Users are however requested to navigate through the content on either with PS3 or by using the iMediaShare app.

Step 5: In this last step, it is advised for users to select the type of media which they wish to stream. Now, enjoy the service.


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