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Secure Your Mac from Hackers

How to Secure Your Mac from Hackers?

Mac computers and laptops already equipped with advance features to avoid any kind of threat like virus outbreak or hacking. However, there is still risk due to increasing the technology at the R&D center of hackers who can target anyone with the damaging impact.

Hackers work nonstop to break the security of MacBook devices and some of them become successful. But if follow few tips given below for How to Secure Your Mac from Hackers, you can avoid such threats and secure your Mac computer from hackers to run you device safely and keep your privacy secure.

How to Secure Your Mac from Hackers

Secure the Home Folder Permission of User

You should secure the home folder permissions to restrict unauthorized access. You can change this setting and secure the home folder from reading other users home folder which can contain sensitive information. If you don’t know how to change this setting, then technicians working at Mac Technical Support work in a better way.

Disable the Services Not in Use or Useless

There are many applications and services that have the free access of your user account and other important data. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Email Server are the few services that should be disabled if not in use. And similarly there are many services that you can check under system library with the option to disable the same directly.

Activate Both Firewalls on Your Mac

Every MacBook comes with two firewall application that allows controlling the receiving connections and secure your web searching. Configuring the firewall settings is very easy and if you have MacBook Pro, you can take MacBook Pro Support.



Change Several Settings in Safari Browser   

Every file downloaded on safari automatically open that invites risk of entering spyware or other malicious files into the computer system. But you can change the setting and choose option to open file or not after downloading. And you should also disable the java to minimize the attack on safari browser and use private browsing for safe web surfing.

Set Firmware Password to Secure Booting

You can assign a firmware password that helps you protect from unauthorized users who can make changes while booting the device. This is quite complicated process and you should take help of MacBook Tech Support  1-855-648-2934 to set firmware password.