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Block Cookies in Safari Browser

How to Block Cookies in Safari Browser?

Cookies stored on safari browsers helps to retrieve your information every time you visit a website like online shopping and other websites. Sometimes it’s helpful but also disclosing your personal identity that is not favorable from privacy perspective. However, if you don’t want to share such personal information and intend to control cookies on your Safari browser, then read below the right steps discussed to block cookies in Safari browser.

To control cookies in Safari browser, you can use shortcut key by pressing the command+ and Comma key at the same time. Either go to Safari preferences where a tab called privacy appears that will allow you to control cookies settings on your Safari browser. If you not find this call to safari browser support and get quick help.

How to Block Cookies in Safari Browser   

Change Cookies Settings as per preference

All the Mac devices come with pre-installed safari browser and by default Safari browser cookies from the various website you visit while web surfing. Safari browser allows cookies from sites but also stops third-party contents that are linked in these sites from saving cookies on your computer. But you can choose from various options to control these privacy settings. Choose always block, allow from current site only or always allow as per your choice.

Change Websites Not to Track Me Settings

Now close the preferences windows and your settings will be applied. Now change safari preferences menu in safari browser tracking. You have to check the “Ask websites not track me” option to show sites and their third-party contents providers not to keep track record of your browsing actions through other tools. Now your safari browser is set to not track or send any browsing history or site visit and keep your surfing more safe and private.


However, despite all these efforts if you not able to block cookies on your Mac device, you can call to Safari technical support phone number+1-855-648-2934 and get online assistance to deal with the matter remotely. Apple Mac Support Number offers online help for safari issues. Technicians will adjust the settings remotely with complete safety.