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Some important tips for the owners of a new Mac

Your new Mac is very simple to use and setup. You must know these basic steps if you want to make the full use of the Apple ecosystem and your new Mac. For more information, contact Mac customer support number +1-855-648-2934.

Make a backup scheme for your Mac

irrespective of the fact how much date you keep in iCloud, always backup your Mac One of the best way is to backup your Mac using Time Machine.

Sign-UP for iCloud

One of the few reasons for buying a new Mac is to get exposure and insight into the Apple ecosystem,   which is powered by iCloud syncing. You can get access to your music, movies, documents, and photos and much more by utilizing your iCloud account. By using your Apple ID, you can sign-up for the iCloud for syncing your watch OS, tv OS and iOS data.


Sign-up for the iTunes

Your new Mac comes pre-installed with the iTunes. But if it is not installed into your new Mac, then you can also download it from iTunes store. You can keep all of your music, apps, iBooks, tv shows, movies and much more into the iTunes.  Also if you do not store your media on the new Mac, you can easily download the content you already purchased from the iTunes.

  • Setup Calendar and Email
  • Optimize your storage
  • You can use multiple options to sync with the iCloud,
  • Turn on Automatic Downloads
  • You need to properly setup automatic downloads so that your new Apple Mac will update regularly in the background.
  • Connect Printer with your new Mac
  • Download games and apps

You need to download a wide variety of apps for entertainment and productivity purpose from the Mac app store.

Setup your social media accounts on Mac

To sign-in for social media apps like Twitter and Face book, you need to click on the Users & Groups by opening the System Preferences. You also need to get acquainted with app like “Spotlight”. Call Apple Technical support Number +1-855-648-2934 for resolving any types of technical issues.

Apple Technical-Support

Dial our toll-free number +1-855-648-2934 for remote online help for resolving technical issues relating to the Apple Mac book, Mac-book Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini, Safari Browser & Mac OS X. Our Apple technical support service is available for different groups of customers using the Apple Mac. We offer complete customer satisfaction, and have a very good track record of resolving technical issues of our customers. Call us on our toll-free number +1-855-648-2934 and will receive our online remote technical help service at very affordable charges.