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How To Fix Netflix Error 11800 in iPhone?

The error 11800 occurs in the Apple TV as well as it is seen in Airplay protocols.  However, the issue is also connected to servers. We advise you to Fix Netflix Error 11800 in iPhone with proper solutions. For better strategies, it is suggested to approach at Apple Customer Support 1-855-648-2934. Before, we move on to its solutions, let us discuss more about the error code. At the time of isolation testing process done, it is genuinely recommended to set-up and test the Apple TV to ensure that this error does not occur again. Below are top solutions to get rid of it in easy ways.

Fix Netflix Error 11800 in iPhone

Here are Solutions How To Fix Netflix Error 11800 in iPhone?

Solution 1: This is the Easiest Solution of all

  • Obtain the ISP’s DNS either via calling an ISP website or can also access account information provided with the Internet setup.
  • Once obtained, add all of your details to the ATV4 as suggested by iPhone Customer Service team.
  • Now, open the “Settings app on your Apple TV and follow below steps:
  1. Click on the “Network” icon to view all of your needed network information
  2. Users are then requested to configure the DNS.
  3. The next step is to change it to manual settings.
  4. Enter the DNS now and click on “done” icon

If the above solution does not seems to be working out then, try our second one

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Solution 2: Restart the Apple TV

  • Unplug the “Apple TV” cord
  • The next step is to plug both the device into its original position.
  • Turn on the device again.
  • Now, work with your “Netflix” again.

Solution 3: Update the Apple TV firmware

  • The first thing is to get access to the Apple TV’s menu and then, select the ‘Settings’ icon.
  • Tap to select the “General” icon and choose the “Software Updates” icon.
  • Click to choose the ‘Update Software” as well as “Update automatically” icon.
  • As advised by Apple Customer Care Service professionals, choose the “download and install” icon.
  • Once you are done with the update process, try to work with your Netflix again.​


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