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Find IP Address

How to Find IP Address of Apple Mac?

When your Mac is connected to the internet and network as well, then it will be assigned an internal IP address which signifies its location in the local network, and an external IP, which is the exact IP address of internet connection used by you. Read this blog about How to Find IP Address of Apple Mac? To find the IP address of your Mac computer as suggested by the Online Apple Mac Technical Support team.

4 Ways to Find Your IP Address on a Mac-

4 Ways to Find Your IP Address on a Mac

Method 1: Find the External IP Address of your Mac Computer-

  • Launch the configuration page of your router.
  • Then open the status of your router. This is the IP address which is assigned to your router by your ISP.

Method 2: Finding the Internal IP (for OS X 10.5 and Newer)-

  • You need to click at the Apple icon in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Scroll down and choose “System Preferences”. Then click at Network.
  • Here choose your connection.
  • Your IP address will be shown under the status of your connection.

Method 3: Finding Your Internal IP (for OS X 10.4)-

  • First you need to click at Apple icon on top left corner of the screen.
  • Scroll down and choose “System Preferences”.
  • Choose your connection by clicking on Network.
  • The final step is to click at the TCP/IP tab. Your IP address will be displayed in settings window.

Method 4: Finding Your Internal IP By Using the Terminal-

  • Start or launch the Terminal by typing the ifconfig command.
  • Type the command ifconfig | grep “inet ” | grep -v
  • Your IP address will be shown in “inet” entry.

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Format External Hard Drive Using Mac

How To Format External Hard Drive Using Mac?

Computer hard disk can store immense amount of data as per the space availability. You can save different types of data in various formats and sometimes junk files and folders gathered with lots of malicious dossiers that also entered into this storage system. Huge amount of corrupted data creates problems like slow speed of the system you connect with your Mac.

Using your Mac devices you can format an external drive with the help of apple technical support at the user’s desk. If you want to format an external drive first keep a data backup with Mac OS X drive keep and follow the steps given below carefully.



Step 1: After taking data backup of your Mac connect the drive with Mac. To access the internal storage of device you need to connect with Mac.

Step2: Open the Disk Utility application that you can open directly through hitting CMD and spacebar at the same time by typing Disk Utility.

Step3: Now select the drive you are looking to format, that you can view under external drive header where you will see the details of hard disk like total drive space capacity and free space.

Step4: After entering in this drive now click on erase to start the process of formatting. If you don’t find this option of facing any kind of other issue just get mac technical support.

Step5: Before moving to next process, give a descriptive name to drive and leave the default setting. This process will format the drive in OS X file types compatible with time machine.

Step6: Now click on erase and your Mac OS X will format the drive to clean the entire data and restore it at factory settings to make it a completely new device.

Step7: You can do partition of disk with the option selected in the Disk utility. Click on the partition option to fragment the disk space of your hard disk.

Step8: You can allocate the space for your time machine. As at the time of shrinking time machine will take whole drive, but you can divide that into a partition.

Step9: Click on apply option and select the new unnamed partition that will help to format it as exFAT that would be usable for both windows and Mac devices.

Step10: Now click on erase option and give the partition a proper name and select exFAT to format that. Apple mac help can help you better to find this option.

Step11: Click on erase option to finish the entire formatting process. Now your formatted drive is ready to use with new space with the compatibility to use for both Windows and Mac. However, make sure to keep the data backup before sharing the data and also keep precaution while ejecting the drive or disconnecting from your computer or laptop.


How to Reset iPhone Password With Your Macbook

Like others, iPhone also has a security feature to prevent unauthorized access from the users who tried to get inside your phone without taking prior permission. So if you’re phone is stolen or get into the wrong hand, it cannot be accessed unless you permit. You are the only person who knows the password, but what if you lost your password. To know more options on password recovery.

reset the iphone Password

To Reset iPhone Password , you need USB cable and iTunes software on your Mac.

Firstly, Remove Old Password

  • Connect your iPhone to the Mac book via USB cable.
  • Press the power button and turn off the iPhone, wait for the slider that appears after few seconds, as it appears, move it directly to the one side. If it takes longer than usual, make sure you have connected the USB rightly, if there is no connection, try a different port.
  • Now gently hold the home button along with power button, make sure you press them simultaneously. The home button is a round button in the lower portion of an iPhone. A yellow sign will indicate the restore mode on iPhone.
  • Now go to the computer and open iTunes software. As soon as iTunes starts click on the summary tab, now navigate the restore tab, after clicking on it, it will restore all the original setting to the iPhone. If you feel difficulty on connecting, visit MacBook Technical Support .

How to set new Password?

  • Now your iPhone is restored in a default setting, you can set a new password for the security and unauthorized access.
  • Go to the main menu and click on the setting icon
  • Navigate the “General Setting” option and choose the option for the pass code lock.
  • Now enter a four-digit code that will be required to unlock the phone, enter it two times to confirm. Please make a note that, you must choose the number which you can memorize easily, so will not have to restore the iPhone very often.
  • Choose how often you want password to be entered.

Important notice– While restoring you may lose all the information, such as media files, contacts, music, if you have not backup your iPhone before.