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How to fix Bluetooth Not Available on MacBook

How to Fix Bluetooth Not Available Error on a MacBook?

Bluetooth helps to connect Mac with other devices for transferring various types of files wirelessly. But if it is not working or showing a problem while using in your MacBook how you will share data to other devices using this wireless technology.

Actually, there are multiple reasons that can cause Bluetooth related issues in MacBook devices. And you may encounter random appearance and disappearance of Bluetooth functionality even after rebooting your system.

When you try to open Bluetooth menu of Mac OS X you will find “Bluetooth Not Available” error displaying on your screen and sometimes “No Information found” also appears there through hardware system profiler. And situation becomes critical when Bluetooth frequently disconnects from our MacBook which can be solved by following troubleshooting process.



Remove Bluetooth from System and Shutdown Your Mac

Go to Bluetooth plist file under system preferences and delete “com.apple.Bluetooth.plist” permanently from your MacBook system. You can also use shortcut Command+Shift+G through OS X finder where you will find the “com.apple.Bluetooth.plist” that should be deleted to install new one. However, if you face any kind of technical problem you can take MacBook tech support help for quick online assistance at your desk.

Reboot Mac SMC on Your System

Now reset the SMC that stands for “System Management Controller” which may affect other hardware settings and power functions, which is also use to solve other hardware issues. Now shutdown your Mac properly and remove battery and connected adapter. If you have MacBook Air get MacBook Air support to perform this action.

To boot your Mac as normal mode hold down the power button for less than half minutes and then place the battery and adapter in right manner. If your MacBook battery is non-removable you can shut down your Mac while pressing Control+Shift+Option+power button together for at least two seconds before releasing all of them.

Reset Power Functions or PRAM

Similarly you have to reset PRAM by pressing power button then hold down Command+Option+P+R keys simultaneously till you receive the computer sound two times. The processes of resetting of these functions are slightly different as per the hardware configurations of different MacBook devices.



MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini and iMac all have minor differences to complete this process. However, despite all these efforts if your Bluetooth is not working properly or you are unable to fix Bluetooth Not Available Error, you can get MacBook Technical Support to check the problem at professional level, perhaps there is could be hardware problem affecting it.

Boost Speed of MacBook Pro

How to Boost Speed of MacBook Pro?

MacBook Pro is one of the most efficient computer devices work with most advance configuration gives a completely sophisticated platform to perform crucial computing task in an easy way. However, the speed of such machines can be also affected unpredictably.

Sluggish performance of MacBook Pro disturbs the crucial assignments, and sometimes tests the patience beyond the tolerance. But a little tune-up and optimization help to boost up speed and helps time and efforts of the user. Here below find how to Speed Up a MacBook Pro.

Steps to Boost Speed of MacBook Pro

Control Apps through Activity Monitor

Use activity monitor in the utilities folder to see the apps running on your MacBook. MacBook Pro Support recommends use it as there are many apps which should be not closed forcefully. Open this app and click on CPU button and CPU Colum to view all the applications running at the backend and the amount of memory they are consuming.



Update OS X and Other Software

Keep your MacBook OS X updated with latest version that also helps to improve the speed. Along with Mac OS, also make sure you have updated all the apps installed into your computer system. Set your Mac for auto update, get Mac OS X support 1-855-648-2934 to set your device for getting latest update automatically and keep your system well-run.

Clean your Hard Disk to Free up Space

MacBook Pro hard drive occupied with too much data become slow, especially when you access an application or large size data kept into the hard disk. And besides important files, lots of unnecessary files like web cache, temp files, widget, apps, plugins, trash files and useless apps consumes memory. Remove such apps and clean the disk and make some space to free up the hard drive to optimize the speed of your MacBook pro.

Turn off Startup Items & Visual Effects

Manage your startup items that also affect speed of MacBook. Browser, desktop animation, widget and messenger etc. are few items slowdown Mac speed. And animation related application also disturb the performance of Mac. If all these not help you to improve the speed of your device, then take MacBook pro technical support help to find if there is any malware controlling the performance remove that immediately.