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How To Set Up VNC Server built into Mac OS X?

This guide explains the installation and configuration of a VNC server on Ubuntu 14.04 server. So, are you in a need to control an Apple computer which is running OS X 10.4 Tiger or OS X 10.5 Leopard from a remote basis? Well, that’s the purpose of a VNC. Below are few steps how to set up VNC server built into Mac OS X by the Apple Mac OS X support department to make users understand about setting up of VNC on Mac OSX operating system.


Step by step guidance as described by apple OS X support experts:

  • The very first is all about understanding the definition of a VNC which stands for Virtual Network Computing.
  • Know everything about its purpose: VNC directly allows users to remotely send keyboard as well as mouse input across the network and the internet from one computer to another.
  • This is stated as per as Mac OS x technical support team is concerned. Not only this, a viewer can even view exactly what all is happening on the other computer.
  • Understand its working process: You will see that most of the times terms when a user is trying to connect to a remote machine via a VNC process, he/she might see in a window the other screen of the remote machine and yes they are able to control it whether they were available in front of it or not.
  • At last, there should be basic understanding of the components:
  • The Server: Well, the VNC server is a type of computer whose screen you wish to share. This computer will further run the server software by allowing other computers to connect as well as to control it.
  • The Client: A VNC client is defined as any of the computer connecting to and taking an immediate control of a server.
  • The Protocol: The protocol is used for the purpose of the communication between the clients as well the server.

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How to Re-install Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and Earlier?

To fix some technical issues you need to reinstall Mac OS X and it is also essential for enhancing your PC performance. The re-installation of Mac OS X procedure finishes with in few minutes. For instant help contact Mac OS Help.

How to Reinstall Mac OS X Leopard and Earlier

Learn How to Re-install Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and Earlier? Step by step procedure for reinstalling the Mac OS X by Mac Tech Support+1-855-648-2934

  • You need to initiate the installation process by booting your Mac in Mac OS X. Insert the installation DVD into your Mac by double-clicking at the “Install Mac OS X” icon, and then you need to click on Restart.
  • Then boot from the DVD. The Mac is now restarts.
  • Select the language and initiate the installation.
  • Select your installation type. Then click the alternative button on the “Select a
  • Destination” screen and choose the appropriate option.
  • Also select the destination partition. If you have multiple hard drives or partitions installed in your Mac, you can select which partition you wish to install Mac OS X on.
  • Now the installation process starts. And your Mac OS X is reinstalling with in few minutes.
  • The main advantage of reinstalling Mac OS X is that it will improve or enhances the speed and performance of your Mac computer.
  • But ensure that you make a backup of your important data before reinstalling Mac.

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