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fix iTunes X code 4.1 Installation Issue

How to fix iTunes X code 4.1 Upgrade Error in Mac OS X Lion

The below blog is written to describe the steps of resolving iTunes Xcode 4.1 Installation Error in Apple Mac Computer. Once the installer is reaching the stage “Updating files…, the following dialogue occurs: In order to continue installation, please close the following application:

Fix iTunes X code 4.1 Upgrade Error in Mac OS X Lion

Irrespective of how many times you close and re-launch the iTunes, the dialog denies disappearing and the installation is stuck at this point. For instant technical help call iTunes Technical Support Number 1-855-648-2934. It seems that this will be a simple error, as Apple has posted a fix right at the upper top of the Xcode Developer Support Center. This issue occurs because the background process “iTunes Helper” is running and requires to be shut down immediately.

Steps to Fix iTunes XCode 4.1 Installation Problem in Apple Mac computers:

1- Click on the “Applications” and from there launch the Activity Monitor.
2- Initiate inputting “iTunes” into the filter box in the right of the upper.
3- Choose iTunes Helper from the list and click on the “Quit Process” button.
4- As quickly you perform this step the dialog will exit and Xcode will continue installing in the Apple Mac computer.

fix iTunes X code 4.1 Installation Issue

The upgrade to the latest version of iTunes or the Xcode installation will break the login items link in the iTunes Helper. Search for the iTunes in the “Applications” folder, and right-click it and select “Show Package Contents”. You’ll discover iTunes Helper in the Mac OS folder. Just drag it in your login items and your issue should be resolved instantly. Congrats!

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