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How to Fix itunes Error 21 When Restoring your idevices?

The error is usually a result while users are trying to attempt to restore or even update their iPhone or iPod Touch with the help of using iTunes. These are critical errors which can put users in panic. Because these issues happen in the middle of a restore process in the iTunes. Here have discussed various methods to fix itunes Error 21. Let us see what we have further.



Methods to troubleshoot itunes Error 21

Method 1: Update the iTunes first

  • Sometimes the error may arise iTunes are in the updated process to its latest version. So, it is always necessary to have the latest iTunes version installed by you. Perform below steps to proceed further:
  • Launch the iTunes first
  • Select the iTunes from the menu bar icon and then, click on the “Check for Updates” icon if you are a Mac user. For Windows, users need to open the “Help” icon which is located in the menu bar. Now, choose the “Check for Updates” icon.
  • Check for any updates if available to install it now.

Method 2: Reinstall your iTunes

  • If the previous method has not solved your problem then, try to remove the iTunes from the PC and reinstall it again.

Method 3: Disable or simply remove security software

  • It may be quite possible that the security software such as antivirus is hampering the issue. So, consider disabling any type of security as well as antivirus software on temporary basis and remove them. Go for cleanup utility to remove any kind of antivirus trash.

Method 4: Replace the USB cable

  • Sometimes it happens that the USB cable is in fault mode and there are not allowing the iPhone to be easily connected with the computer. So, here one needs to unplug the old USB cable and then, connect the iOS device by using a new USB cable which will work properly.iTunes Support Number

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