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Fix iTunes Error 17

How to Fix iTunes Error 17?

iTunes error 17 occurs while upgrading and while restoring the iOS device in iTunes. This is quite an annoying technical error caused due to bad connectivity issues. iTunes error 17 comes with many similarities to those of other iTunes error, which too occurs while trying to restore iOS devices. This is the most crucial error described by professionals while we try to connect iPhone to iTunes for updating or even for restoring via Mac devices. We are introducing here top four solutions to fix iTunes error 17. Let’s move ahead now.

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How to Fix iTunes Error 17

Steps to troubleshoot iTunes error 17 

Solution 1: Check for network issues

  • If you are faced with unstable or zero internet connectivity problem then, it will completely disable iTunes when you are trying to connect and download the IPSW file from Apple’s server. As a matter of fact, iTunes will generate an error message of code 17. But if it found that the network is working fine then, move on to next step for resolving the matter.

Solution 2: Try to disable the Firewall or any Anti-virus Software running on the system

  • It is often possible that due to execution process of any firewall or anti-virus software on the computer, it can prevent users to connect iTunes to Apple servers. So, this needs to be checked first

Solution 3: Working to the latest iTunes Version

  • To remove iTunes error 17, it is essential for users to work with the latest iTunes version.

Solution 4:  Checking of Host Files

  • If users are working On Mac then, they are suggested to navigate to the “Finder > Go > Go to Folder” section first.
  • The next step is to hit the “Go” button.
  • Try to locate the file which is named as “Hosts”, copy and then, paste this file on the desktop.
  • Now open the file which is on the desktop to search for specific lines and now delete all lines that have .apple.com.
  • Save this file just deleting all lines mentioned with the .apple.com.
  • Next, locate the “\etc” folder again and then copy as well as paste the modified file on the desktop.
  • Whenever you are prompted, choose the “replace” icon to overwrite the original hosts file now.
  • At last, restart the Mac device and then try to restore as well as update in iTunes again. 

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