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How To Fix iPhone 6 Not Receiving Message Error In iOS 11?

There may be various reasons for the aforesaid technical glitch and they may be due to reboot issue, networking setting glitch, update issues and faults that lies within iMessages as well. Fix iPhone 6 not receiving message error in iOS 11 by applying our adept remedies available with tech support engineers. Below we have solutions explained by expert team to help users get rid of the issue in easy as well as faster ways.

Solutions to Fix iPhone 6 not receiving message error in iOS 11:-

Fix iPhone 6 not receiving message error in iOS 11

Solution 1: Reboot the iPhone

Press and hold the “on/off button” and choose “home button”. Keep doing it until your screen displays the “Apple logo”.

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Solution 2: Try to reset network settings

Navigate to the “General” icon and scroll till down to search for “Reset” button. Tap on “Reset” icon where you will come across a “Reset Network Settings” icon. A pop-up screen will again appear where just need to click on it to confirm further. Your iPhone will easily reboot now. Check whether you are able to send a text after restart.

Solution 3: Update the iPhone

Before performing this step, make sure to back-up the iPhone and update it thereafter

Solution 4: Check for any carrier settings update issue

If the first solution did not seems to be working out then, iPhone Support experts have suggested to give it a try and have a check with the carrier setting issue. This is done to ensure that the message which users receiving like iMessages or SMS, ix well supported on their iPhone or not?

Solution 5: Activating the iMessages on iPhone

To fix iPhone 6 not receiving message error in iOS 11, this is also one of the most accepted solution. So, if users are waiting to activate their iPhone then, what they need to do is simply navigate to the “Settings > Messages > turn off iMessages > turn on iMessages” and the issue will be fixed up.

That’s All Folks!

I hope all the above solution will work out. If not then, connect with us at below mentioned detailsand get issues fixed up easily

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