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How To Fix Apple iPhone 6 Plus App Freezing Issue After iOS 9.3 Update?

The root-cause of this problem is hardware or software incompatibility issue such as third-party apps installed on the iPhone. This is because it may not be compatible with the latest iOS structure. Fix Apple iPhone 6 Plus App Freezing Issue After iOS 9.3 Update with expert guidelines. Further, the phone will start to response in a weird process or maybe they are bricked. Let us see what are the step shown below?

Steps to fix Apple iPhone 6 Plus app freezing issue after iOS 9.3 update are

Fix Apple iPhone 6 Plus App Freezing Issue After iOS 9.3 Update

Step 1. Perform a soft reset of your iPhone

To fix Apple iPhone 6 Plus App Freezing Issue After iOS 9.3 Update, perform a soft reset of the iPhone. To do this, just hold the “Sleep/Wake” button for few seconds you see the slider on the screen. Select “power off” option and wait for a few seconds. Press the Sleep/Wake button to turn iPhone on.

Step 2. Reset all settings

To reset settings on the iPhone 6 Plus, head on to “Settings->General->Reset->” icon and tap “Reset All Settings” button. Now, tap the button twice to confirm action. Once done, the iPhone will reboot.

Step 3. Uninstall all faulty applications

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Temporarily disable all faulty applications and reboot the iPhone. Now, try to recall which all applications you’ve installed recently before the problem arose.

Step 4. Turn on/off mobile data

Here as per iPhone Support Service technical team, head on to “Settings -> Cellular ->” icon and tap ‘Cellular Data” to switch it on. Reboot the iPhone and turn off the Cellular Data.

Step 5. Update to its latest iOS version

Always ensure that you are working with the latest iPhone versions. This will allow you to have a look on what all the newest iOS 9 patch have for your device.

Step 6. Perform a DFU mode update issue

Connect the iPhone to a computer via OEM or Apple-provided USB cable. Ensure that the computer is working on its latest iTunes version. When you are connecting with the iPhone, press and hold the Power as well as Home buttons. Release both of the keys when iTunes logo and arrow icon will appear. Select Update to proceed with a firmware update process or restore data into its back-up mode.

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