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How to Install and Setup Linux on Apple Mac : Mac Technical Support

Easy Steps to Install and Setup Linux on Apple Mac

The below blog is written to describe the methods of running Linux on a Mac system on the Intel based Mac without formatting the hard drive neither erasing the partition you have created.


Let’s have an eye on below steps described by the professionals working on the Mac technical support team for the following process of installing Linux on the Mac system:

• First, we need to download the latest version of Linux distribution which can be downloaded from the official website.

• Next, access the Virtual Box and download the Oracle (Sun) Virtual Box for Mac OS X. In the next page, just select Mac OS X operating system again to begin the download process.

downloaded process of Oracle (Sun) Virtual Box
• Once the downloaded process of Oracle (Sun) Virtual Box is completed, next install the Oracle (Sun) Virtual Box software.

• Open up the virtual Box and then create a new virtual machine just by clicking on the “New” tab which is located right at the top left corner of the Sun virtual Box window.

• As guided by the professional team member of adding a name to the virtual machine to help you remember everything about which operating system you are going to work with and then click on the “next” option.

• Right in the next screen, select the Linux operating system and then the Linux image which should be used as the version.

• Select the Boot Hard Disk which is a primary master and then select the “Create new hard disk” option and click on the “next” option.

• A user is supposed to expand the storage size dynamically.

• Once you are finished with this process, run the virtual machine to start the installation wizard.

• To properly select the ISO image of the Linux distro which has been downloaded by you, you are required to simply click on the “Cd-DVD ROM Device as well as on the Image File situated at the lower portion of the window.

install Linux in the virtual machine
• To find the Linux ISO image, just click on the folder appearing with the green arrow to search for the downloaded image. Once the process is finished, your virtual machine is ready to boot and will begin to install Linux in the virtual machine.

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