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How To Fix iPhone Messages Out Of Order Error?

The reason why users come across above error message is due to some sort of bug which can sometimes vanish with the help of below solutions if users are working with it. Fix iPhone Messages Out Of Order Error with our expert guidelines. However there are few reasons why this problem arises and it is basically because of problems in the settings adjustment by users. Now, let us dig into its solutions to resolve.

Steps to Fix iPhone Messages Out Of Order Error are

iPhone Messages Out Of Order Error

Step 1: The first thing is to enable Messages in iCloud and  stop messages which is showing out of order  iPhone.  As we know that the latest iOS system software version will allow messages to synchronize via iCloud. Users here need to manually enable Messages in iCloud on iOS which will require updating to its latest versions of system software. To do this perform below instructions:

  • Open “Settings app” icon on iOS and tap name to access iCloud settings. This is help you fix iPhone messages out of order error.
  • Now, try to locate “Messages” toggle button and flip it to the “ON” position. This will enable Messages in iCloud if users are working on the iPhone or iPad.
  • With the help of Messages in iCloud, as per iPhone Support technicians, this steps shpuld should resolve any iMessages which will appear as an out of order. If it is found that messages are lingering, though it can take a little while for messages to sync with iCloud and display in an correct manner.
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  • At last, this will help users to enable Messages in iCloud. Restart the iPhone or iPad, which seems to force Messages to reload. It will later on appear in a proper order as intended.

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