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Switch from Windows/PC to Mac OS X

How to Switch from Windows/PC to Mac OS X

Easy Steps to Switch from Windows/PC to Mac OS X

There exist varieties of reasons why we sometimes wish to switch from Windows to Mac OS X? Well, whatever reasons are there for this definite topic, our Mac Customer Support 1-855-648-2934 team will help users guide even more better about “switching to Mac OS X from Windows” in an effective manner.


Few Easy Guides to Switch from Windows/PC to Mac OS X-

  • Search for the dock first: This dock is used to launch new applications or switch to ones that are already accessible. It will usually appear at the bottom of the screen, but also it can be moved to either of the side. Also, the Trash Can will be there which functions in a similar way as the Windows recycle Bin.
  • You will find basic differences between Windows and OS X.
  • The Window control buttons in OS X will be on the left side of the window system and the green button will allow the window to enter in the full screen mode.
  • Next, to the right-click of a Mac system without the right-click button, a user can either click and hold an item which a user would like to have for menu. Simply hold the Control button at the time of clicking or enabling the right-click in System Preferences > Mouse is preferred. The Magic Mouse will automatically sense the position of your touch or finger and will allow users to right-click.If a user is using keyboard shortcuts, learn the new ones on a Mac .
  • Learn to use the “Finder” option: these functions similar to Windows Explorer.You should be comfortable enough to use this option for daily purposes and adjust it easily.
  • It is essential to get familiar with the Apple Menu: It is toggled up by the apple icon right at the top left-hand corner of your screen, and is needed to shut down the computer. Next, put it to sleep mode and access the System Preferences, and then press the “Force Quit” button to end all the applications as well as several other tasks.
  • Be aware of which application are you working: In Windows operating system, the menu bar for each application will appear in the window only. On the other hand in OS X, the menu bar for the selected window will appear right at the top of the screen.
  • Users should get an idea of how to kill crashed programs: simply press ⌘S (Command+S) to save the work. Click and hold the crashed icon which will appear on the dock. In the pop-out section, click on “Force Quit” option. For alternative option, one can simply press “⌥⌘Esc (Command+Option+Esc)” button. This is the similar to Windows’ Control+Alt+Delete option.
  • At last, a user is asked to choose the “System Preferences” option.

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