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How to Recover Apple ID if Password Email Address or Security Questions are forgotten

Every Apple users need a unique Apple ID to access to the various services offered by Apple. It is very common for all users to forget the password of their Apple ID as it involves complicated numbers and characters. In this guided walk through, we have discussed the best possible ways to Recover Apple ID if Password, Email Address or Security Questions are Forgotten. With the help of an Apple ID, one can easily access to iCloud, download iTunes and make purchase from the Apple Store. That is why Apple provides its users impenetrable security by applying multiple security questions and other steps to make sure no one else can access to your account.

Recover Apple ID if Password Email Address or Security Questions are Forgotten

Steps to Recover Apple ID, if Password, Email Address or Security Questions are Forgotten:

If you have forgotten you email address, password or even the security questions, there is nothing to be worried about. In this iPhone Technical Support Blog, we have jotted down all the best possible steps to recover your Apple ID in less time possible.

Step 1: If you have forgotten both your email address and security questions, just log into Apple ID Support Page and select “Start your support request online”. After doing so, choose “Forgotten Apple ID security questions” that will avail you two options: to Schedule a call or call Apple support later. As soon as you get connected with Apple Technical Support team, they will ask you several questions. Answer them accordingly to verify your identity and reset your password.

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Step 2: In case you know your Apple ID, you just need to reset your password. Just log into the Apple ID website and click on “reset my password”. Type your Apple ID and ask for Email authentication and thus you can reset your password.

Other than that, in spite of asking for email authentication, you can ask for Security Question verification to reset your password.

By following any of the above steps, you can get your Apple ID back and reset your password easily.

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