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How To Fix Mac Error Code 36?

This issue occurs basically when a message which should be displayed as “The Finder can’t complete the operation because some data in “FileName” can’t be read or even written at all. It has been seen that the error generally executes when you’re trying to copy files from one location to other. The location may be from a memory card to the hard drive let us say for example. This can happen to any of your files in the system but the most well-known reason is due to invisible .DS_Store files. To explain more on this issue, here is what we have concluded: the “dot-underscore” signs are common files that Mac OS X’s HFS+ file system creates for files when they have been moved to FAT16 or FAT32 volumes also known as thumb drives. The problem can also occur while users are moving files from a Windows-compatible volume to a Mac system and then back again. Below are steps to fix Mac Error Code 36 that have been explained by professional team.


Steps to Troubleshoot Mac Error Code 36

  • Well, you are first requested to launch the “Terminal (Applications -> Utilities)” icon and then, type the dot_clean” message as well as a “single space”.
  • The next step will be to drag the flash drive or your memory card icon straight to the terminal window and you will see that the /path/folder is automatically generated
  • Press the ‘Enter” icon now and then you can see that the “hidden ‘._’ files” will automatically get merged with their host files.
  • Now, copy all the files straight to the flash drive or to the memory card.
  • The dot_clean command will check all the files in a selected directory and will then try to merge all of the ._DS Store files with their corresponding resource files.


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