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How To Fix iTunes -69 error?

The error is usually a result of while users are syncing to iPod or from iPod to iTunes which further displays a message as “Attempting to copy to the disk has failed”. An unknown error occurred (-69),” users working with Windows or Mac device are usually in more trouble under this error. This error can also cause due to file issues and if the latest version of iTunes is not installed. Here are steps to fix iTunes error -69.  

Fix iTunes -69 error

Steps to troubleshoot iTunes error -69

  • Connect the iPod to the system and once connected, just right-click ctrl on the iPod icon in the Device which will appear as a list in iTunes. Now, simply select the “Sync Songs” from given menu list and then, watch for the progress bar which is easily found at the top of iTunes while transferring songs. The song file with this issue will be the last one to be displayed before the error message has occurred. Now, just remove that song from the synced playlist and then, sync it again.
  • Also if users do not wish to completely delete the song from the iTunes Library, but wishes to sync iPod properly then, they have to try to uncheck the song in the iTunes list. From the iPod’s Summary Tab, users simply need to have a check for “Sync only checked songs and videos” icon. It is also eligible to make a separate playlist section which will only contain songs for the purpose of syncing process to the iPod. Now, choose to sync only that particular playlist.
  • It is also seen that the error is caused by the problem in the external drive which is being plugged in at the same time while users are trying to sync their iPod. If this is the case then, simply try to remove all the external devices except the iPod and syncing it again. The next thing is to reset the iPod by just pressing the menu button as well as the center button until you get the screen in black mode as well as the Apple logo appears on the screen. Now simply restore the iPod by selecting the “Restore” icon from the iPod settings tab located in the iTunes.

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