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How to Fix Apple iPhone Error 1035?

Apple iPhone Error 1035 is a visual voicemail error. You may encounter the error message “Visual Voicemail is currently unavailable” due to a network problem. This is not generally a knotty problem and you can fix Apple I Phone Error 1035 easily without panicking. Apple I Phone was the first cell phone to come up with this feature in which one can randomly access voicemail with the help of a visual interface.

Get Smart Tricks and Tips to Resolve Apple iPhone Error 1035| Ultimate Solutions At your Fingertips

In recent years, Apple has become one of the leading companies that manufacture high-end smartphones and other advanced gadgets. With its user-friendly features, Apple has grabbed user attention to a great extent. It introduced the iPhone which has created a miracle worldwide. Thus, Apple has become one of the tech giants in the technology sector.

Besides powerful performance and high back up, the iPhone provides you with other facilities as well. With time, it is obvious to encounter tech glitches with your device. One of the common errors is Apple iPhone error 1035. Go through the following write-up and find excellent solutions suitable for you.

Fix Apple iPhone Error 1035

What is Apple iPhone error 1035?

The error 1035 is basically a voicemail error that occurs due to a network problem. A message pop-ups on your screen stating “Voicemail is currently unavailable”. It is generally a software related issue which arises due to a poor mobile network. Usually, the problem is minor and can be fixed very easily. Do not feel lost or devastated, and check out the awesome hacks in the following section.

How to fix iPhone error 1035? Easy Hacks

Unlike any other device, Apple products can cause a lot of trouble. Either the device stops functioning or won’t start up at all. Is your iPhone malfunctioning? Then your worry is over as here are some troubleshooting hacks to resolve Apple iPhone error 1035 quickly.

Solution 1: Setup iPhone Voicemail

Setup iPhone Voicemail

  • First, turn off the wifi from your iPhone
  • Now, tap the Dialer icon
  • Long Press the key ‘1’
  • Next, enter the password and try to access the voicemail
  • Press “*” key
  • Now, tap “3” to access the Greeting Menu
  • Set your Password
  • Then, restart your phone
  • The error will be resolved

Solution 2: Change or Reset Network Settings

Change or Reset Network Settings

iPhone Error 1035 voicemail related error is most likely to happen due to the bad network. Resetting the network settings will restore the network connectivity to its correct state availing more exposure to the cellular network.

Check the following guidelines to reset the setting of the network.

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on to  General
  • Now, go to Reset
  • Click on Reset Network Settings
  • After doing so, reboot iPhone
  • Check whether it is working fine or not

Solution 3: Fix the Airplane Mode

Fix the Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode is an option that connects you with the cellular signal which helps you make calls. Most of the time, we keep the Airplane Mode on to avail cellular signal and connectivity.  If there is a problem with the connectivity, go to “Settings” and turn the “Airplane Mode” “On”. After waiting for a few seconds, turn the “Airplane Mode” “Off” again. Now go back to Voicemail and see is the error has resolved or not.

The Apple I Phone Error 1035 is not a big deal and can be fixed by setting up voicemail and resetting network settings.

Find the Below Mentioned Solutions to Troubleshoot Apple iPhone Error 1035:

Go through the depth solution below to rectify the voicemail problem on your own.

Solution 1: Fix Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode is an option that connects you with the cellular signal which helps you make calls. Most of the time, we keep the Airplane Mode on to avail cellular signal and connectivity.  If there is a problem with the connectivity, go to “Settings” and turn the “Airplane Mode” “On”. After waiting for few seconds, turn the “Airplane Mode” “Off” again. Now go back to Voicemail. Things will start work normally as before. It is done to avail better quality network connectivity to allow voicemail to perform normally.

If this does not work, step to the next solution.

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Solution 2: Resetting of Network Setting

I phone Error 1035 voicemail related error is most likely to happen due to bad network. Resetting the network setting restores the network connectivity to its healthy state availing more exposure to a cellular network. To reset network setting go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.  After doing so, reboot I phone and check whether it is working fine or not.

Solution 3: Resetting of Voicemail Password

If you call our expert technicians at Apple Technical Support Phone Number, the more basic they will provide you is to resetting of you Voicemail Password. And trust me it works. To reset your voicemail password, go to Settings -> Phone -> Change Voicemail Password.

These three solutions will surely help you to fix the Apple I phone Error 1035. If you still face the error, it is advisable to go to a place where the network connectivity is strong.


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Even after connecting to a stronger network or WIFI the issue remains the same, call us at iPhone Support Phone Number to get your issue resolved right away. They will understand what kind of issue you are getting in your I Phone set and help you to resolve it in no time. Other than that, they will also assist you with an expert recommendation to keep your Apple I phone away from such errors in the future.

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How To Fix iPhone Error 27?

This iTunes error 27 executes as a result of severe hardware technical faults which definitely needs to be sorted out. The iTunes error 27 is a kind of dreaded bane of all attempted iPhone recoveries. After you are done with the updating “Apple software” on the iPhone, it normally needs to be restored with the help of iTunes. The fault will display an error message as unknown error 27. Below let us see some methods to Fix iPhone Error 27 . 


Methods to Troubleshoot iPhone Error 27

Method 1: Fix it without losing data

  • Select the “iOS System Recovery” icon now
  • Download the firmware which is suitable.
  • Fix the iOS now to get the problem solved out completely.

Method 2: Check for any kind of hardware issues

  • If you are running iTunes then, shut it down and again open it to follow a proper back-up process.
  • Make sure that you have installed the latest version of iTunes,
  • Check for ant third party issue if exists anything like that. As it may prevent users from connecting iTunes to the Apple devices or servers. This step should be performed by following an appropriate website which will guide you about it
  • Try to restore the iOS device again to make sure that the USB cable and network are well functioning properly.
  • If the message persists then, it is advisable to check whether users have the latest updates
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Method 3: Fix iPhone Error 27 with the help of DFU mode

  • Place the device inside the DFU Mode appropriately.
  • Connect to the iTunes now.
  • Restore the iTunes carefully.
  • Hope these methods will help you overcome the error problem. But still if you get this issue then approach us at below mentioned details.


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How To Fix iPhone Error Code 20?

the help of iTunes or even with the iBackupBot. This clearly means that iTunes is not able to properly connect to the Apple servers and yes without knowing the cause of it, the problem can even get worse. There are solutions penned down by users to fix iPhone error code 20. Let us now see what we have for you?


Solutions to Troubleshoot Error Code 20

Solution 1: Programs such as anti-virus software and firewall software are the main cause of the issue as it prevents the restoring process by hinder the connection between the computer and the Apple server. So, to get rid of the issue, check for any third party programs to make sure that it is not blocking the iTunes which is needed to connect to the Apple server.

Solution 2: Now, with this solution, users are requested to change the USB port which they are using. Now, unplug the USB cable on the current port and then plug it into another port. Because here the reason can also appear due to faulty port.

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Solution 3: If the USB port has already been changed and still no effect on the issue then, try this solution. Users are advised to check that the USB cable is in appropriate shape and is not damaged. Because it can cause the error.

Solution 4: Now, this is the last solution. Well, there may be some contents that are probably missing from the device. In such cases, you need to enable the “Transfer system log to the computer” automatically.  From the “iBackupbot”, just select the “View” option and then choose the “Options” icon. Select an appropriate folder to store the system log files in the System Log Folder option. Now, get connected to the iPhone or iPad until the “Devices” appear on the “iBackupBot”. From the “Tools” section, just select the “System Log” which is located under the device’s name. You will see that a new log file will be automatically be created in the folder.


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