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How To Fix iPhone Error Code 56?

There are a vast number of iOS device users who often come across with the error code 56 which usually occurs when they are attempting to update devices with iOS 9.3.2. While this error occurs, users will be prompted with an alert message by displaying as “iPhone (iOS device) cannot be updated. An unknown error occurred 56” or “Software Update Failed”. So, it is necessary to Fix iPhone Error Code 56 in iOS devices.   Also when users are trying to download iOS 9.3.2″, this error usually executes. iOS device at this point of time will fail to update and stop working normally if users have come across this error message. During the installation of iOS 9.3.2, one may also get this error problem.

Fix iPhone Error Code 56

Here are Steps to Fix iPhone Error Code 56

Method 1: Close all of your unnecessary third-party software installed in the device

Sometimes, this error problem may occur in iPhone, iPad or iPod touch while you are in the process of iOS 9.3.2 update. It may occur due to software conflict issues. Therefore, it is advised by iOS Support Phone Number technicians to remove all of the unnecessary programs such as antivirus software, game applications, etc. and then update the iOS 9.3.2 on the device.

Method 2: Restoring the iPhone on another computer

If the above method does not seems to be working out then, one should try to connect the iPhone to another computer and install the latest iTunes version. After users have completed with this step, they are asked to restore their iPhone on the computer to get rid of the error code after updating to iOS 9.3.2.

Method 3: Updating the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch in DFU mode

Here, users are advised to put their iOS device to DFU mode to update it properly. Users can now follow all the steps instructed below to adjust the iOS device in DFU mode:
Connect the iPhone to the computer first and then turn off this device.
Press the “Home and Power’ at the same time on the iPhone.
Only press the ‘Home button” when a “white apple logo” is visible
Run the iTunes and the, press the “Shift’ key when the iPhone has been entered into the DFU mode. Now, users are advised to click the “Restore: button and then, select the “firmware” icon to restore.

Method 4: Here in This Solutions, one needs to send the iOS device to Apple device repair shop

If still, the error seems to persist then, it is better advised to send the iOS device to Apple device repair shop for fixing the issue completely.

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