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How To Fix iPhone Error Code 20?

the help of iTunes or even with the iBackupBot. This clearly means that iTunes is not able to properly connect to the Apple servers and yes without knowing the cause of it, the problem can even get worse. There are solutions penned down by users to fix iPhone error code 20. Let us now see what we have for you?


Solutions to Troubleshoot Error Code 20

Solution 1: Programs such as anti-virus software and firewall software are the main cause of the issue as it prevents the restoring process by hinder the connection between the computer and the Apple server. So, to get rid of the issue, check for any third party programs to make sure that it is not blocking the iTunes which is needed to connect to the Apple server.

Solution 2: Now, with this solution, users are requested to change the USB port which they are using. Now, unplug the USB cable on the current port and then plug it into another port. Because here the reason can also appear due to faulty port.

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Solution 3: If the USB port has already been changed and still no effect on the issue then, try this solution. Users are advised to check that the USB cable is in appropriate shape and is not damaged. Because it can cause the error.

Solution 4: Now, this is the last solution. Well, there may be some contents that are probably missing from the device. In such cases, you need to enable the “Transfer system log to the computer” automatically.  From the “iBackupbot”, just select the “View” option and then choose the “Options” icon. Select an appropriate folder to store the system log files in the System Log Folder option. Now, get connected to the iPhone or iPad until the “Devices” appear on the “iBackupBot”. From the “Tools” section, just select the “System Log” which is located under the device’s name. You will see that a new log file will be automatically be created in the folder.


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