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How To Fix Common iPad Issues?

Working with the iPad is a great experience a user can ever know but occasionally, it is also possible to come across frequent technical issues.  To name few of them are slow performance issues, crashing technical problems, booting issues, connectivity problems etc. may come while one is working with the iPad. Below are few problems with their solutions are discussed to fix common iPad issues. Let us see.


Steps to Troubleshoot Common iPad issues

Problem 1: Slow and Leggy Keyboard issues

Users while working with iPad device may come across slow keyboard performance issues while typing an email or using iMessage.

Solutions– Go to the Settings – General – Accessibility – Guided Access icon and ensure that the button is turned off. Access the Settings icon and then access the iCloud – Documents and Data option. Turn it off. Also one can try to reset all the settings by simply going to the “Settings – General – Reset all Settings” icon. Adding or removing any program can be done by accessing “Settings – General – Keyboards” icon. Swipe your keyboard name to the extreme left to access the delete button. Tap on “Add New Keyboard…” to check for other options as well.

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Problem 2: Solutions for Performance,Crashing and Random Rebooting Problems

Following an update to the iOS 8, many users who are working with older version will come across issues such as slow down, freezing problems and random rebooting problems.

Solutions–This type of problem can easily be solved by simply accessing the “Go to Settings – General – Accessibility – Reduce Motion to reduce animations, and Settings – General – Accessibility – Increase contrast – Reduce transparency to reduce transparency” icons. When a user has come across slow performance problem then they are advised to double tap on the home button and then, close all the apps that are running in the background process by swiping the windows up. Well, one can try the second solution where they need to go for factory resetting option of the device and installing them. Get access to the “Settings – General – Reset – Reset all Settings and Content” icon and move to the next step.

Problem 3: Connectivity Issues

Wi-Fi network connectivity issue is also one of the common problems faced by iPad users.  Bluetooth pairing, cellular network issues may come across.

Solutions: Try to restart the router by turning it off for at-least 30 seconds, and then turning back on. Go to the “Settings – General – Reset – Reset Network Settings” and then, add the information from scratch. If the pairing of your iPad with the Bluetooth device is the cause then, go to Settings – Bluetooth option and then, turn it off, and back on again.

Problem 4: Issues with Air Drop

AirDrop is helps us to share files across the device, but users may face some critical issue while working with it.

Solutions: to solve the problem, just pull up the “Control Center” which is located at the bottom of the screen. Change the “AirDrop settings” from the “Off” or “Contacts Only” mode to “Everyone” mode and the feature will start working.

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