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Fix Apple iTunes Error 14

How to Fix Apple iTunes or iPhone Error 14

Apple has quite recently revealed the primary beta of iOS 10 to enlist developers, which accompanies advanced features and important enhancements.  However, the users have been summarizing that they are confronting Apple error 14 in iTunes when trying to attempt to update to iOS 10 beta 1.

The problem generally comes, during the upgrade process, and notification appears that says “This iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (14)”. Then don’t worry about it, this problem could be easily resolved.


According to our Apple Technical Support team, this particular Apple error 14 is commonly caused by a problem with your USB cable, a faulty firmware update file, and many other issues. However, we have a few solutions for you to fix this problem.

Solutions To Fix Apple Error 14:-

Solution 1:- Check USB connections

First, you need to check the USB port, cable, dock, or hub, or the device, if it’s becomes disconnected during the restore process. Then the primary thing, you should do to troubleshooting the USB connection problem and then troubleshooting your security software.

Solution 2: – Update to the Latest iTunes Version

  • You should check that you have the latest update of iTunes. To do this thing, you need to open iTunes first, and then it will prompt shows, if you require the new version.
  • Then you simply follow the steps and update to the latest iTunes software.

Solution 3: – Check Third Party Security Software

  • If the above solution does not work to solve the error, so you should check to view, if any third party security software might cause the issue. Often, the third party security software prevents Apple devices to restore, upgrade, or back up by not permitting connections to Apple servers.
  • Then try to temporarily deactivate any third party security software, if your system have any, and verify if Apple error 14 or iTunes error 14 stops allowing your iDevice to upgrade or restore.

Solution 4: – Resolve Error With a Hard Reset

You can use another method to fix this iTunes error 14, with the help of a hard reset. Well, using this way, you will surely lead to data loss as it reverts your Apple device like iPhone to factory settings. For this, you should create a backup before you attempt this. You could by this way:

  • First, tap both the “Home” and the “Sleep” button, together for 12-13 seconds, while the screen goes blank and your iPhone restarts.
  • Once you view the apple logo on your screen, then release the buttons and wait for a while for it to go away.
  • Now your iPhone will automatically reset itself, and you will just have to give your pass code.

Solution 5: – Deleting/Moving a Corrupted IPSW File

iTunes uses the IPSW file to restore or update devices. So when your IPSW file corrupts, you are unable to restore your iPhone and you will receive the iTunes error 14. In this situation, you can delete the IPSW file, or rename it. But the primary thing, you need to find it.

  • IPSW file location in Mac OS: iPhone~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates
  • IPSW file location in Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates
  • IPSW file location in Windows Vista, 7, and 8: C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates.

You Can Find the IPSW File By the Following Step:

  • First, close your iTunes.
  • Then launch iTunes again.
  • Now, delete the IPSW file, go to “System Drive, then “User”, then “Your Username” and then “App Data” then “Apple Com”, then “iTunes, and then “iPhone Software Updates”.
  • Restore or Upgrade your iPhone.

After these steps, the iPhone error 14 should not come again.



But, still if you are getting Apple error 14, after performing all the above solutions, then you should connect with our, Apple Support Number team for immediate help. Our experienced and certified customer support experts are available for guidance & technical support 24/7.  Hence, you will get the complete solutions to any kind of Apple issues or errors.