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Top Five Tips and Tricks for MacBook

Your MacBook is more than what you think. There are many actions which you can do with few tricks that will bring help you to perform various activities quickly or without too much efforts. Apple Mac OS X is loaded with cognitive features to make certain process easier and interesting. Below we have shared few useful tips and tricks for Mac users.

Customize Screenshot with Specific Size

Using Cmd + Shift + 4 simultaneously you can take screen shot of a specific area on your Mac screen. Or you can click and drag out a box over the part of your computer screen you want to take shot. Your captured image will be saved on desktop screen.

Run Windows on Your Apple MacBook

It’s unbelievable, that you run Microsoft windows on your Mac. Though, to enjoy this OS you need to get help from MacBook technical support. You can part your hard drive between Mac OS and Windows OS but they will be not accessible through other OS. Once, you install windows on your Mac, you have to choose one OS at a time and restart everything for other.        


Rename Large Number of Files at Once Click 

Renaming large number of similar files is a very time taking process, but if your Mac has OS X Yosemite, you can do that easily. Just select all files you want to rename and right-click on rename to give the similar names with increasing numerical value renamed at the last name of each file. To perform this action successfully you can take MacBook help.

Upload Signature to Documents on Mac

You can add digital signature to the documents saved in your Mac computers. Just click the pen icon appearing top right corner of the screen and select create signature through Built-in iSight. You have to sign your signature on plain paper and hold it in front of computer camera well-aligned as per the screen and camera position to accept it in right manner.

Unit/Measurement Conversion at One Click

You can convert units on Mac at one click by putting the value with the wide options to convert in various measurement or units. From distance, to currency you can find list of all usable units to convert from various forms. If your conversion app is not working on your Mac, just get Mac OS X Tech Support and update the version for using this application uninterruptedly.