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How to Factory Reset iPhone Without Password?

Factory resetting your iPhone can be done in two ways namely without the Apple ID when “Find My iPhone is On” and it is in “Off” mode. The blog will teach you Factory Reset iPhone Without Password in few simple steps. For a more easy process, users can also approach us at iPhone Customer Support Number+1-855-648-2934.

However, in many cases, users may need to reset their iPhone without Apple ID like when they have forgotten Apple ID password. But don’t worry as we have explained below appropriate steps to help you resolve issues from the core.

A number of reasons may lead you to factory reset your iPhone. Let us take the example of a scenario where you have forgotten your password. Also, prior to putting iPhone on sale, you must erase all your data out of it.

Another situation that demands you to reset the iPhone without a password is when you cannot remember the passcode to enter the security lock. In that case, you will require some proper assistance to know how to reset iPhone without password. Read this content to know everything you need to make your user experience better than ever.

Why Do You Need To Reset iPhone Without Password?

There can be some other causes as well that can give rise to this question. One such reason can be due to severe damage giving rise to the need for a factory restore. Remember that before you head on to reset iPhone without a password, you need to erase your device memory completely. If you have not prepared a backup to store all your data, it will be quite a concern to get them all back into place

How To Reset iPhone Without Password? Excellent Hacks

Follow the given guidelines properly and reset your iPhone without any hassle

Solution 1: Erase Data

By erasing the device data, you will be able to erase the passcode as well. You can do it with the help of iTunes only if you have your device synced with the iTunes. Else, you can do it easily through the recovery mode. For this, you will need to connect your device to the computer and get access to the iTunes.

Solution 2: Hard Reset And Soft Reset

There can be variable modes for resetting your iPhone device including soft as well as the hard reset. Both are equally beneficial to mitigate the hassle with only the difference of the hard factory reset being quicker than the soft one. Also, the soft reset will not make you lose any of your important data whereas the hard reset will format your device completely.

All these remedies are trusted to get your iPhone issues resolved. Try them all out and see if they are helpful enough to make you get rid of the trouble. If you have any other doubt regarding how to reset iPhone without password, connect with our experts

Steps to Factory Reset iPhone Without Password are as follows:

Well, we will explain to you solutions on how to Factory Reset iPhone without Apple ID/iTunes provided that the “Find My iPhone” is in “On” mode.

Solution 3: Alternative

Apart from the recovery mode and iTunes option, you can also restore your device from the settings option. The very first step to do it is to simply reach to the settings option and get access to the general settings. Then, simply tap on the “erase all” option, and it will discard all the content from the settings section.

Upon that, your phone will get back to its original format and you will be able to configure it right from the beginning. Make sure to always keep a backup in the iCloud as it will help you to store all your data securely.

Step 1: So you are making every attempt to reset the “iPhone” but a message is displayed as “Enter your Apple ID password to remove it from the account.”? So, when this generally happens users are recommended by iPhone Support team to enter their Apple ID password.

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Step 2: But if users have somehow forgotten their Apple ID or passcode then, they still can reset their iPhone without the help of Apple ID. The process will easily factory restore iPhone without Apple ID and iTunes.

Step 3: The next thing which users need to do is to tap on the “Start” button and follow the wizard instructions to put user’s device into its recovery mode or DFU mode.

Step 4: Once the iPhone is detected, just click on “Advanced Mode” option which will enable a deep recovery process of an iOS system.

Step 5: Download the entire available firmware package which will match your iPhone. It will, however, take a little moment as the firmware package will be around 2.5 GB.

Step 6: Once done, the firmware package will be downloaded completed. Click on “Start Repair” icon to start the factory resetting process of the iPhone. The whole process will take some time to complete it.

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