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Enable Two Steps Verification for Apple id

How to Enable Two Steps Verification for Apple id?

Two-step verification enables an additional layer to protect your Apple ID from intrusion. In this blog, you can find the necessary procedures to Enable Two Steps Verification for Apple id. No one can deny the impeccable services that Apple offers to secure its users privacy and Two steps verification is one of such layered securities that protect your Apple device from hackers and thieves.

With two-step verification enabled, no one can access your account except you.  An Apple ID works as an access key to use various Apple applications from anywhere. As you activate an additional layer for security, a verification code is required to access you Apple ID. These two layers involve “a Trusted Device” and “a Recover Key” to verify the identity of the exact account user.

Two Steps Verification for Apple ID

Steps to Enable Two Steps Verification for Apple ID:

Enabling two-step verification involves a bit knotty steps. There are multiple security levels to finally activate it for your Apple ID. Here, you can find the most suitable steps to activate it in less time and effect. Visit Apple Technical Support Services to get more reliable information about the process.

  • First of all, sign into “My Apple id page” of Apple and hit on “Manage My Apple ID”.
  • To proceed further, type your Apple ID and Password in order to log in to your account. Now click on Password and Security and promptly answer all the security questions.
  • In “Manage you Security Settings”, search for Two-Step Verification information. Now click on Get Started and wait for couple of days to set up Two Step Verification.
  • Click on Continue after reading the process information.
  • In the new page, you will be asked to provide a trusted device and a recovery key to access your account. It is vitally important to know that a recovery key is way too crucial to access your account. If the recovery key is lost, your account will be lost forever. Read this information carefully and thus click on Get Started to forward to next step.
  • Now create at least one SMS capable phone for emergency purpose. After doing so, add a Trusted Device to send the verification code. Now enter the verification code on the Apple ID website.
  • After verification a 14 character recovery key will be sent to you by Apple. Keep if safe and secure and never lose it. Now type the recovery key and enable two-step verification process by clicking on Enable two-step verification.

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