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How to Play PC Games on Mac Computer

A Manual Guide To Play PC Games on Mac Computer

As compared to Macintosh (Mac) computers, it is often seen that Windows computers contain quite advanced and accelerated graphics as well as audio features that have full ability to enhance the gaming performance for users. People who enjoy computer games, and want to play these PC games on their Mac systems but are only available for Windows computers, then they are advised create a Windows partition on the Mac system by using Boot Camp process. A Boot Camp is a type of application which allows users to run Microsoft Windows on an exact partition on the Mac system as studied by a team of Mac Technical support professionals. They still will have the ability to toggle between the Mac as well as Windows operating systems (OS). Well, after the installation of the Windows partition on the Mac, one can easily download the PC games while logged into their Windows OS.

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Top Steps to Download PC Games on Mac Computer


Step 1: Preparing the PC for Windows Partition

It is very essential to verify that your Mac has an Intel processor configuration. Most of the Mac computers were released in the year 2006 and later ones do have Intel chips designing features. However, one can surely verify this information by simply looking for an Intel sticker or directly log on into the computer, or even you can directly consult with the computer manual process.

Step 2: Built-in features

Verification of the computer that it has built-in keyboard, mouse, or even a track-pad is vital for you. A keyboard and mouse that are connected to the PC via the USB ports are well compatible.

Step 3: Working with current version

• Ensure that the Mac device is currently running an OS version of X 10.5 or later ones. If the Mac’s OS is not working on the current version, then one must upgrade their OS to its latest version as suggested by Apple Technical support team.
• Get access to the Apple menu section and then select then “Software Update” to easily check for any type of available software updates which you wish to run.

Step 4: Check for Sufficient Memory

Verify that the Mac system has enough memory to install the Windows device. At-least 16 gigabytes (GB) of available memory is needed to install the 32-bit Windows 7, and 20 GB of memory to install the 64-bit version of Windows 7.

Step 5: Utilities

• Open the “Utilities” section on the Mac device and then get access to the “Activity Monitor” section to verify the amount of Mac’s memory available.
• Obtain a Windows Mac OS installation disc which is to be installed on the Mac.
• Users are advised to buy a Microsoft Windows installation disc from Microsoft simply by visiting the “Microsoft” website

Step 6: Back-up Process

• Back up all your important data on the Mac device. While the installation of the Windows on a partition of the Mac is performed, you will see that the hard disk will be re-formatted and all your data will be erased later on.
• Using of a flash drive or an external hard drive to easily back up all your important data on the Mac is an essential process.


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