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Even after upgrading your device a couple of times if you are unable to resolve the iCloud related issues, then you require to Change iCloud Password. This issue arises if your iPhone/Mac has recently been upgraded to the latest version of the iOS. Also, at times the device gets stuck in a loop that requires the iCloud id and passcode immediately. If the user provides all the information then also the tool continually asks for the iCloud password. This operation ultimately freezes the system leading to damage the Operating System.

It becomes very annoying for the users when continuously asked for the same thing during working hours. But do not panic, no technology is flawless. View the solutions given in this article and try to fix the error.

Change iCloud Password

Why Change iCloud Password?

Before changing the iCloud Change Password, it needs to be verified. You require to obtain both of the IDs as well as the passcode to confirm your associated account. The iCloud account links with the Apple ID making it associated with apps installed in the device.

Once the user is generating original ID, it converts the passcode to connect with other accounts for safety purpose. No two reports can link to the same iCloud account.

How to Change iCloud Password?

Move To Power Off Mode

To slide to the power off mode press the Sleep/Wake menu for about 5 to 10 seconds and then select the Power Off mode. Click on the Power icon and again wait for 30 to 40 seconds until the display is blank. Still, hold on the Sleep/Wake menu.

Logging Out

First, open the device and then click on the Settings option. Go to the iCloud menu and then navigate until you find the option to Sign-out. Double tap on log out and then choose the Delete from the device. Enter the passcode and ID and sign out.

Review iCloud Work

After diagnosing the login process, check if the iCloud application is working properly. Apply system scanner and then find if there is an error associated with it. If an error exists, then uninstall the application.

To start with the process select the app and then double-click on that. Scroll down till you discover the uninstall option and click on that. Again download the app and reinstall it. Make sure the latest version of the application is installed.

Set The Password

Go to the Safari browser and then navigate to the appleid.apple.com. Select the Reset password option and then open the Apple ID and then choose Next and Continue. Open the account as the admin and answer the protection inquiries and then select Next and Continue. Select the Reset passcode option. Reboot the device. Provide the latest passcode and then check.

Following up And Rebuild

Correlate the device and check the USB cord. Open the iCloud menu and then choose the Summary. Select the Computer Backups menu and decide on it. Choose iCloud from the list and set the menu off. Again provide the Apple ID and the passcodes and switch off. Reboot the system and then rebuilt it all over again.

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