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How to Fix iPad Mini Error Code 1667?

The aforesaid error is confined to iPad Mini 2 which occurs when users are upgrading to iOS 7 from its previous iOS version. Fix iPad Mini Error Code 1667 by approaching our expert team who will provide complete guidelines for the cause of this problem. However owing to the exceeding storage capacity of user’s iPad Mini 2, corrupted iTunes installation on PC or Mac, faulty USB cable/port, or disrupted connection are the main culprits of this technical error code. When this error code occurs, it will keep you in restless mode by not allowing them to access their iPad Mini they are looking for. So, rectifying the error code is highly recommended and is essential to avoid future issues. Below are steps explained that are proven and tested to apply to users.

Steps to Fix iPad Mini Error Code 1667 are as Follows:

Fix iPad Mini Error Code 1667

Step 1: Freeing up all of the System Space

If the error shows up at the time when users are upgrading to their iOS 7 then, it is a clear indication that their iPad Mini 2 is executing above its storage capacity than normal. So, at this point in time, it is suggested to back up all the data, to avoid deleting them immediately of their iPad Mini. This can either be done via iTunes to user’s PC or Mac or save them all to iCloud accounts as needed. once done with the data backup process, users need to ensure that they have freed up space as instructed by iPad Mini Support team.

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Step 2: Changing the USB Port

It has been observed that the third-party USB cable or a faulty USB port on your PC or Mac is the main culprits of the aforesaid error code. So, to remove this problem,   try to work with a different USB port on a Mac or PC devices. However one also needs to modify the port to easily overcome the problem faster.

Step 3: Uninstall or Just re-install iTunes

There are chances that due to corrupted desktop version of user’s iTunes software on the Mac or PC, the error has cropped up and this has happened while plugging into iPad Mini 2 for the synchronization process. So, here one needs to uninstall the iTunes’ desktop version and reinstall to its latest one which is compatible as per the operating system.

Step 4: Resetting the iPad Mini 2

If the error still happens to exist then, tap and hold down the “Home button” as well as “Sleep/Wake button” together unless there is a red slider visible. After that an Apple logo pop up will appear to prompt users with release buttons. The next thing would be to let the iPad Mini shut down. Once done, press down the “Sleep-Wake button” until the device moves into boot up mode. Hope this step will help users fix the problem easily

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