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How To Fix Apple TV Error Code HDCP?

The HDPC error is caused due to various faulty HDMI cable or receiver technical faults. Fix Apple TV Error Code HDCP with proper guidelines which can be easily achieved at Apple Customer Support Number+1-855-648-2934. Even if your HDMI switch is working fine, still issue will arise. However users should try these below solutions to get rid of this problem in easy and faster ways. Before we move onto its solution, let us discuss more on HDCP. This is basically built on several devices such as streaming video hardware, cable boxes, satellite TV receivers, etc. If however, if the old HDTV is not built into it then, users won’t be able to watch the HDCP compatible contents as well. So, this may lead to technical glitches.

Solutions to Fix Apple TV Error Code HDCP 

Fix HDCP Error On Apple TV

Solution 1: Check for HDMI Cable:

  • Turn off the Apple TV as well as the Receiver
  • Unplug your HDMI cable and then plug it back carefully
  • Turn off your receiver as well as Apple TV. The next thing is to unplug your Apple TV from power source and then, wait for a while. Plug it back in to the power source and then again turn on your Apple TV as well as receiver.
  • Ensure that you have selected the HDMI input which should match the HDMI port and is well connected to the Apple TV.
  • As instructed by Apple Customer Service team, Receiver or even the HDMI switch may be the reason of creating this trouble.  So, try to connect to the Apple TV directly with your TV.
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  • Even the cable might be at fault. Hence, try out for a different cable to check whether it is working.
  • Now, open the “Settings” section and navigate to the “Audio as well as Video” section and then, adjust the HDMI settings.

Solution 2: Try this solution which needs a restoration process of the Apple TV to factory settings

Step 1: The very first thing is to head over to the “Settings”  icon and then, click on “System” icon and the, perform a “Reset” process.

Step 2: The second thing is to select the reset option

  1. While doing this, it will allow users to reset the device faster without the internet connection.
  2. Reset and then update the device to reset the Apple TV into its factory settings. Now install the software updates with the help of internet connection
  3. Choose for a better option as per your choice and reset the TV as usual.

Solution 3: Restore the Apple TV with the help of  iTunes

  • Users first need to unplug the HDMI cable as well as the power cord from the Apple TV. Launch your iTunes on the computer device.
  • The next thing is to plug your USB-C cable at the back of the Apple TV
  • Now, check for a summary page in the iTunes
  • Click the “Restore Apple TV” icon and allow them to get restored successfully
  • Once the Apple TV has finished its restoring process, one needs to unplug the USB-C as well as the power cord. Then, reconnect the HDMI cable as well as the power cord to the Apple TV.

Apple Customer-Support

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