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How To Fix Apple Safari Browser Not Working Issue?

Apple Safari Browser Not Working gets slow and stops responding, due to various reasons. Apple Safari is one of the excellent and fastest web browser, which provided by Apple. It has various qualitative features and simply accessible for the users. But sometimes. If you are also experiencing the same issue and want to, and you irritated with this problem, and want to solve it immediately, then you try the following below methods to fix it.

Methods to Fix Apple Safari Browser Not Working:-


Method 1: Check the Add-Ons And Plug-in

You should try to remove the add-ons and plug-ins, that would be very helpful to quit solve this issue.

Follow These Steps:-

• First, open up the library folders.
• Then open the “Go to the Folder” option.
• Next, you need to type Library and press on the “Go” button.
• Now open up the “Library folder” by holding option.
• The library folder contains internet plug-ins, input method, manages & scripting additions
• Now, remove the files from the folders & fix your issue.

Method 2: Turn off the Extensions

• Go to the menu of Safari browser. Then hit on “Preferences” option.
• Choose the “extension” icon and then hit on “extension”.
• Then, you have needed to put off extension by put off the active checkbox.

Method 3: Disable the Proxy

You should try to verify your proxy and disable it for some time; maybe it will help you to fix your issue.

Method 4: Disable the caches and cookies

You have required to disabling the caches and cookies, might it help to solve your problem, and then Safari will start working smoothly.

Method 5: Check Internet Connection

Make sure your Internet Connection is working or not, maybe it is creating problem for you to access the Apple Safari Browser.


If you need any further help & support associated the above steps or other kinds of Apple Safari browser, then you should please feel free to connect with our Apple Safari Customer Support+1-855-648-2934 team for immediate guidance. Our technical experts are available 24×7 and 365 days for assistance.