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How to Configure Apple Email on Mac Series

Below guide will give you the insight how to configure apple email on Mac Apple computers. Apple email is default programs that come up with OS X10.0 or later. You can also get the details information in Apple Email Support+1-855-648-2934.

Before you start, you should have

Step 1:

  • Your domain name.
  • Email address
  • Your password

Tab the email tab in your browser, if you have not configured yet you will get a prompt box to open an email account. The link will directly take you to the add account and it will give you list of the domain that you wanted to open an account.

add account on apple mail

Step 2:

It would appear like this. Fill your name, email address and password in the required field.

Fill your name, email address and password

Step 3:

Now mail will attempt to contact mail server, go to the setting and enable the “account must be manually configured” and click the next button to configure manually.

contact mail server

Step 4:

Account type can be selected either IMAP or POP, we recommend you to select IMAP account, to know more about this account, you can contact to the Apple Email Support Number+1-855-648-2934 at Apple Tech Support.  Enter the mail server details along with username and password to complete the setup. Similarly fill the details on the outgoing server, and click to next.

contact Apple technical support

Congratulation you have created an apple email to your system. To know more contact Apple Technical Support.