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How to Change the Apple ID on the iPad and iPhone?

An Apple ID is a central account that allows you access to all your Apple services such as App Store, Apple Music, iCloud, iMessage, Facetime through any Apple hardware device you use. In order to have best experience of any iOS device, you might sometimes want to Change the Apple ID on the iPad and iPhone depending on that particular iOS device. An Apple ID is a single point of access for all the utilities provided by Apple.

When you are a using a particular iOS device for example iPhone, iPad or iPod, it is necessary to change and configure you Apple ID depending on the requirements of the device you are using currently. In current needs and scenarios, it is needed to change the Apple ID associated with an iPhone and iPad to experience the best of it.


Steps to Learn How to Change the Apple ID on the iPad and iPhone:

Changing of Apple ID and Apple Store Log In can directly be done on an iOS device. Follow the below steps to do the process quickly.

Step 1: In your iOS device, open Settings and head to “iTunes and App Store”

Step 2: At the top of the store screen, tap on “Apple ID: email@address.com”.

Step 3: In the Apple ID Management Pop-Up Window, click on “Sign Out”.

This will log you out from your current Apple ID leaving you two options “Log in to another Apple Account” or “Create a new Apple ID”.

If you are having trouble in remembering your Apple ID password, contact our Apple Tech Support Phone Number to recover your Apple ID with a new password. One thing you must remember that changing of Apple ID on a device might cause some unexpected errors or conflicts with some apps.


Dial up Apple Technical Support Phone Number for More Assistance:

If you are having any trouble while trying to change your Apple Id and Apple Store Log In, call our experts at Apple Technical Support Phone Number+1-855-648-2934 to deal with this problem hand to hand. Their attitude to resolve customer related problems will take care of your Apple Id log in and configuration related problems and provide you prompt response as per your problem.


How To Resolve Apple ID Locked Or Disabled Issue?

Here we provide solution for resolve Apple id locked or disabled issue? Well, if someone unfortunately tries to hack into the user’s Apple account by entering the password incorrectly infinite times, or even giving various wrong answers to your security questions, Apple will further easily recognize the attack and will entirely lock your Apple ID. As researched by Apple customer support team, it’s a good sign because it signifies that an attacker can’t anyway gain access to the user’s Apple ID to avoid allowing them get into a user’s iCloud email, iMessages as well as Face Time. However, it may often happen that it’s not a hacker who is trying to get access to your account, sometimes it’s only we who is getting our self locked out of the account because we have forgotten the password.

Solutions to Resolve “Apple ID Locked Or Disabled Issue-

Solution 1: Unlock the Apple ID

Unlock the Apple ID

Whatever the reason for Apple’s disabling the account is, there is every possibility to get back into it. One simply needs to follow all these below mentioned tricks to recover their account and create a new password.

• Go to the iforgot.apple.com section
• Enter the Apple ID which will usually be the email address associated with the user’s Apple account.
• A professional team of Mac tech support experts have suggested to enter the Code to prove that a particular user isn’t a robot.
• Click on the “Continue” button

Solution 2: This Phase is Based on the Security Process


• If you are working with the set up two-factor authentication then it is quite possible for users to receive a code on a trusted device or as a text message on the phone. Users are required to enter the verification code before unlocking their account and changing the password.
• If anyone is working with older two-step verification process, then a recovery key is needed that was sent to them while setting up two-step verification process in addition to a code sent to a trusted device.
• Well, if a user haven’t set up either of the above methods for security purposes then one needs to unlock the account by using their password, or simply has to answer few provided security questions at the some point.

Fix your Apple id disabledissues with expert Apple id technical support team+1-855-648-2934 and get all your headache resolved at a go.