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Fix 5005 Error Connecting to the Apple id Server

How to Fix 5005 Error Connecting to the Apple id Server?

This above issue is also known as a 0x8007002 error code which arises due to not having enough disk storage space, incompatible BIOS problems or may be the issue lies while upgrading the device. Hence, users need to Fix 5005 Error Connecting to the Apple id Server by dialing at Apple Customer Care Service Number on prompt need. However, there are other possible causes of this error that include incompatible video adapter drivers, damaged device driver issue, crashed in Windows registry problems are also few causes of the problem. Well, this is an Apple ID error which appears as a messages in the dialogue box. Users coming across this code will be displayed a message as “The required data is not placed in the memory due to I/O error status of how to fix an error -5005: 0x8007002?” At the time of this error code, users will experience various problems such as Windows Explorer technical problems, Javascript issues, hardware malfunctioning, not printing any document problem, blue screen problems, IO issue and unexpected shutdown problems. So, there is an immediate need to fix the issue so as to avoid future problems.

Steps to Fix 5005 Error Connecting to the Apple id Server

Fix 5005 Error Connecting to the Apple id Server

Users are advised by Apple Remote Support technical team to go with the troubleshooting for easy approach.

Step 1: The first step is simply to remove your mobile phone SIM card
Step 2: Now, give a try to activate the device
Step 3: However, you should activate and then, turn off (hibernate) the device
Step 4: Hit the “ON” button to turn the device on
Step 5: Here users will be prompted to enter the Apple ID while asking them to accept terms and other related formalities.
Step 6: Now, users will be able to work in their original position as they were doing before.
Step 7: One needs to reinsert their SIM card.

Below We Have Few Tips as well as Warnings for Proper Usage of the Device

  • Whatever measures are taken to fix the problem, one should always run as an administrator.
  • The next thing which needs to be considered is that whatever Windows version users are working on, all the above steps can differ slightly. But the basic thing will continue to apply.
  • However, if you are not able to connect to PC then, do ensure that the device settings are in sleep and hibernate mode on the remote computer. So, it is advised to set the condition in “Never” mode.
  • For all the added protection, just go for back-up of the registry before modifying it. Later on users can easily restore the registry if further problem arises.

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Enable Two Steps Verification for Apple id

How to Enable Two Steps Verification for Apple id?

Two-step verification enables an additional layer to protect your Apple ID from intrusion. In this blog, you can find the necessary procedures to Enable Two Steps Verification for Apple id. No one can deny the impeccable services that Apple offers to secure its users privacy and Two steps verification is one of such layered securities that protect your Apple device from hackers and thieves.

With two-step verification enabled, no one can access your account except you.  An Apple ID works as an access key to use various Apple applications from anywhere. As you activate an additional layer for security, a verification code is required to access you Apple ID. These two layers involve “a Trusted Device” and “a Recover Key” to verify the identity of the exact account user.

Two Steps Verification for Apple ID

Steps to Enable Two Steps Verification for Apple ID:

Enabling two-step verification involves a bit knotty steps. There are multiple security levels to finally activate it for your Apple ID. Here, you can find the most suitable steps to activate it in less time and effect. Visit Apple Technical Support Services to get more reliable information about the process.

  • First of all, sign into “My Apple id page” of Apple and hit on “Manage My Apple ID”.
  • To proceed further, type your Apple ID and Password in order to log in to your account. Now click on Password and Security and promptly answer all the security questions.
  • In “Manage you Security Settings”, search for Two-Step Verification information. Now click on Get Started and wait for couple of days to set up Two Step Verification.
  • Click on Continue after reading the process information.
  • In the new page, you will be asked to provide a trusted device and a recovery key to access your account. It is vitally important to know that a recovery key is way too crucial to access your account. If the recovery key is lost, your account will be lost forever. Read this information carefully and thus click on Get Started to forward to next step.
  • Now create at least one SMS capable phone for emergency purpose. After doing so, add a Trusted Device to send the verification code. Now enter the verification code on the Apple ID website.
  • After verification a 14 character recovery key will be sent to you by Apple. Keep if safe and secure and never lose it. Now type the recovery key and enable two-step verification process by clicking on Enable two-step verification.

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How To Reset iPhone 6s Without The Help Of Apple ID?

Given a situation when you have just bought an iPhone and wishes to reset it. But in the meantime, you are asked to rest the Apple ID which you are not aware of. Or in case if you haven’t used the Apple account and password for a while and has forgotten your Apple ID and Passcode. Issues may arise many while users wish to reset the iPhone without the help of Apple ID. But question here is how to perform this step? Well, this post will take you through methods to reset iPhone without using Apple ID where solutions are applied not only for iPhone 6s but also to other models such as iPhone SE/6/5s/5/4s/4.

Well, before moving ahead with the reset process of iPhone, one thing which needs to be considered is not to back up iPhone data on iTunes or on iCloud if the user does not have Apple ID and password. This is because the instruction for reset process may delete all the data that are essential for users to work with. Below we have discussed two methods to Reset iPhone 6s Without The Help Of Apple ID.

Reset iPhone 6s Without The Help Of Apple ID

Methods to Reset iPhone 6s Without The Help Of Apple ID

Method 1: Resetting the iPhone 6s without Apple ID when “Find My iPhone is off”

Generally speaking, one needs to have access to the Apple ID to reset the iPhone 6s. iPhone will ask users to enter the Apple ID by switching off the user’s account and the Find My iPhone service. Well, if users are working with the iTunes to reset the iPhone the, it is suggested by Apple ID Support technical team to enter the Apple ID at the time when iPhone start rebooting. To do this, follow below instructions.

  • Open up iTunes on the computer to connect your iPhone to the PC with the help of USB cable.
  • Turn off the device and press to hold the “Home’ button for at-least 3 seconds.
  • Put the iPhone into DFU mode and press to hold the “Power and Home” button for at-least 10 seconds.
  • Users need to release the power button and keep holding the home button. When the Apple logo disappears from the screen, users at this point have successfully placed the iPhone into DFU mode.
  • While the iTunes is detecting that the iPhone is in recovery mode, users are recommended to restore it now.
  • At last, simply click the “Restore iPhone” icon after which you will be notified about the reset and iPhone will restart automatically.
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Method 2: This second method tells about resetting iPhone 6s without Apple ID by using iTunes

This is another method suggested by iPhone Helpline Number professionals to enable users perform below steps easily

  • Back up the iPhone before proceeding to any step in order to avoid losing credentials accidentally.
    Do ensure that your iTunes is updated on the computer which can easily be performed by navigating to the “Help menu” and checking for updates further.
  • Establish a proper connection of the iPhone 6s to the computer and open the iTunes.
  • Users are asked to turn off the iPhone and put it into a recovery mode by pressing and holding the ‘Power and Home buttons” for about 10 seconds. Click on the iTunes which will take users to a “Summary page”.
  • Click on “Restore iPhone.”
  • Now, on the new screen, just click the “Restore” icon where a list of instructions will be displayed on the screen. Follow them and wait till you’re done. Wait for the iTunes to reset the device. Don’t turn off the device or even disconnect it from the computer.

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