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Troubleshoot iPad Activation Error

This article here is going to help you fix the iPad activation error. This error that we are discussing here in this article is one of those issues. And since this is one of the errors related to activation, this can be really problematic if it happens.

But the good news is that, with the instructions that we have given here in this article. You will be able to resolve this issue without any kind of problem whatsoever.

And you will not have to go and get tech support services right away.

So, let us go through this article and see how we can solve this problem in the most efficient manner.

Probable Causes of the iPad Activation Error 

Before we go ahead and take a look at how we will be able to fix the iPad 2 activation error. It is important to have a good and sound understanding of why this issue is occurring in the first place. This is because that is going to give you 2 very effective benefits in trying to resolve this issue.

The first among that is that you will be able to avoid a lot of the different technical glitches. The ones that might have come your way if you did not know what the issue is and why it is occurring.

And the other one is that if you have a good knowledge of the problem. Then, it is going to be very easy for you to understand all the technicalities of the instructions. And with that, you will be able to carry out the instructions in a much easier manner.

In this section of the article we are going to cover just that, so read carefully.

The first thing that comes to mind when talking of this particular activation error issue is the system overload issue. This is especially the case if you happen to have an older model of iPad which you have used quite a bit.

And because of that, you will get this particular problem for which you will not be able to activate the iPad.

Then, there is the issue of a poor internet connection, which is the case for the most part. And that also is going to cause this particular error by starting the iPad for you to use.

Apple has this thing called iCloud which is not only a very useful tool but is also very secure. A big reason for that security is the Activation lock feature. This plays a big part in making iCloud one of the most secure services.

So with this, we have covered all the possible reasons for the iPad activation error.

How to Fix the iPad Activation Error?

Now, in this section of the article, we are going to show you the different ways to solve this problem.

What we recommend is that you identify what the exact causes of this particular issue are in your case. That way, you will be able to go and apply the solution to this problem right away. As we have covered all the different solutions that are there.

But, if you do not have that information at hand, then there is no problem. What you will have to do in that case is just keep applying these steps one after another. That is going to do the trick for you and is going to fix this problem once and for all.

Disable the iCloud Activation Lock 

The iCloud activation lock although a very useful tool can still cause problems for you and that is going to cause trouble.

So, to avoid that in your system for which you will not be able to start the iPad. You will have to deactivate the Activation lock feature if you want to solve this problem.

Here are the steps that you will have to take to make this happen:

  1. Switch off the iCloud account that you are currently using and after that, visit 
  2. When you are there on the website, use the Apple ID you have to sign into that account. 
  3. Now, go to the Find my iPhone option and after that, click on the Confirm your password option. 
  4. Then click on the Select all Devices option and then Select the device that can’t be activated
  5. Finally, look for the Choose Remove from Account option to remove the account activation lock. 
  6. After you have done all of that, just switch on your iPad and after that, start it all over again. 

This is going to remove the activation error that you were facing with your iPad.

Use iTunes to Enable the iPad all over Again 

For a problem like this, the iTunes software can be just the thing which you are going to need. In order to use iTunes to get your iPad working again. Here are all the steps that you will need to make use of:

  1. For the first step, you will have to reboot your iPad while you have connected it to the iTunes platform. You can use a USB cable to make that happen. 
  2. Now, from the list of devices that are going to come up on the screen, look for your device. 
  3. You are going to find the Activate your iPad option next to the device name. Click on it to start the process. 
  4. In the next window, you will have to log in and for that. You will have to enter your Apple ID. 
  5. Finally, look for the Continue button and click on it to finish this process. 

So, this is the process for using iTunes to solve this problem. This is going to solve the problem very likely, but if it does not, then do not worry. Go to the next step on this list.

Diagnose the Condition of the Internet Connection 

For proper activation of the iPad, one of the most vital things is a reliable internet connection. This is also the case for most other devices, but is very much the case for iPads.

This is because of the fact that iOS devices keep getting updates all the time. That is what makes them some of the best in the market. But if the internet connection is poor.

Then what happens is that the download does not happen in the proper way. As a result of that, a lot of corrupt files come about which can cause the iPad activation error.

Sometimes, that is going to be totally direct, and other times, it is going to come from problems elsewhere.

Then again, for the proper synchronization of the software, a solid internet connection is a very important thing. Without that, the connections are not going to work in the proper way.

So, you should check the status and the strength of the internet connection. And if you find that the condition of the signal is not good. Then, what you can do is to get in touch with your internet service provider.

They are going to make sure to fix the internet connection that you are using and with that. You will no longer face this particular activation error from your iPad.

Change the iOS Developer Versions 

The iOS platform is always in a state of evolution and because of that updates are always around the corner.

But the problem occurs when you get an update and that is not compatible. If that happens then you will face problems like this and thus will not be able to use your iPad.

Now, if you want to resolve the issue in this way, then you will have to roll back those updates. And when you do that, then that is going to fix this issue. 

A simple way of doing that is to start deleting all the update files one by one. When you do that, you will have to reboot your iPad in order to implement all the changes that you have made. 

Thus, that is going to fix your problem once and for all. 

Do a Hard Reset 

The last method you can go for if all else fails is a hard reset. If for any reason you can not pinpoint what the exact problem is in your case. 

Then a hard reset is going to help you work around that in a very easy fashion. But, one thing you will have to do is to have a proper backup of all the data that is there. 

And once you have that you can start with the process of performing a hard reset. 

The Conclusion 

This completes our list of solutions for the iPad activation error problem. 

If none of these methods here bring you any solution, then we recommend you get the help of expert professionals. 

Something that you are going to get once you call and sign up for tech support services. So, if that is what you need, do not hesitate from using it. 

As that is going to save you a lot of time and other resources which you might have lost out on otherwise.