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Hard Reset iPhone 6: Technical Hacks To Force Reboot Your iPhone

Electronic gadgets like iPhone, iPad and other iDevices are prone to various kinds of technical errors from time to time. Whenever any sort of hardware or software issues hit your iPhone 6 or any other iDevice model, it can simply turn off.

According to Apple technicians, most of such errors can be troubleshot by force restarting the gadget. Hence, if you are facing any kind of technical error with your iPhone device, keep reading this article to know more. Here, you will get to learn the stepwise instructions to hard reset iPhone 6. 

In case, you don’t remember the Apple ID or password for accessing your iPhone 6, this article will cover a few troubleshooting steps. So, if you are not a tech-savvy person and want to understand how to reset iPhone 6, refer to this article to learn the step by step methods. 

Methods You Can Apply to Hard Reset iPhone 6 Models

For those who aren’t aware of this fact, you can be locked out of your iPhone 6 for typing an incorrect passcode to access the gadget. Yes, if you type a wrong security key after six consecutive attempts, your gadget will notify a message about getting disabled. 

Now, before you could think about applying any steps to troubleshoot the error, your iPhone 6 will turn off completely. So, the only option remaining with you is to apply the correct steps to force reset your iDevice. 

If you are serious about knowing how to hard reset iPhone 6, take a look at some of the best methods to do so. In case, you find any difficulty in understanding any of these steps, you can contact a technician to hard reset your iPhone 6. 

Instructions to Hard Reset your iPhone 6 When you Don’t Have its Security Key

Let’s first cover the methods that can hard reset the iPhone 6, especially, if you don’t recall the passcode. The following instructions will force restart your iDevice even if you are locked out of iPhone 6 due to typing wrong password for above 6 times in a row. 

Method 1- Use iCloud Profile to Apply Factory Reset 

Sometimes, resetting your iPhone 6 is possible only by removing the password using other Apple applications. So, you can make use of your iCloud account in order to apply this method. 

So, you have to visit the official website of iCloud and open the page that offers the feature of ‘Find My iPhone’. Hence, click on and access your profile by entering your Apple ID in the box below the heading of ‘Sign in to iCloud’. 

Then, go to the section of ‘All Devices’ and choose your iPhone 6, which is locked due to lack of passcode. Now, click on the tab for ‘Erase iPhone’ and wait for iCloud to delete all the configurations and data from your locked iPhone 6. 

So, this is one of the easiest ways to reset the iPhone by erasing the content from your iCloud account. In case, this solution doesn’t hard reset your iPhone 6, move to the remaining methods.  

Method 2- Remove Security Key Using iTunes Before Reset

If you are unable to force restart your iPhone 6, you can make use of your iTunes account instead. So, before applying the steps, check whether your iDevice is synchronized with iTunes.

In case, your iPhone 6 is not in sync with the iTunes account, restoring your locked device can be quite difficult. This is when iPhone users take help from Apple experts for hard resetting their iPhone 6 by accessing iTunes profiles. 

So, in order to try this fix, connect iPhone 6 to your computer or Mac device. Try to synchronize a device, which you have used already for opening your iTunes account. 

Now, whenever iTunes asks for typing the password to access the profile, make use of a PC that was synchronized earlier. Otherwise, you can click on the link for recovery mode in order to sync your iTunes account with the iPhone 6.

Next, after synchronizing the iPhone, backup the data using iTunes. For some reason, if it fails to back up the data, click on the ‘iTunes’ tab and select the button for ‘Sync’ at the bottom-right corner. 

So, wait for the process of synchronizing to finish on its own and hit the tab for ‘Restore iPhone’. Now, open your iPhone 6 and click on the button that indicates ‘Restore from iTunes backup’. 

Now, open the iTunes application and choose the option of ‘iTunes backup’. Hopefully, after you successfully back up the data through iTunes, the iPhone will be restored automatically. 

Method 3- Launch Recovery Mode Screen to Force Restart

If the above methods don’t enable the users to hard restart their iPhones, they can apply this solution. Also, this method is applicable to those who have never synced their iPhone 6 with iTunes. 

Your first task is to connect the iPhone 6 to a PC and then launch the application of iTunes. After establishing the connection between both the devices, you have to press and hold the tabs for ‘Sleep/Wake’ and ‘Home’ simultaneously. You need to continue pressing these buttons until the recovery mode screen appears on your iPhone 6. 

After this, you have to click on the tab for ‘Restore’ if the recovery screen asks to pick between ‘Update’ or ‘Restore’. After the process of restoring completes, you will observe that it has unlocked and reset your iPhone 6. 

Steps to Force Reset your iPhone 6 When You Have Access to its Passcode

The following methods are for those iPhone 6 users, who have access to their login passwords. So, let’s discuss the steps in details in order to learn how to hard reset iPhone 6. 

Method 1- Make Use of Settings App to Hard Reset

In order to apply this method, users can use the Settings tab on their iPhones and hard reset the device directly. So, start with clicking the ‘Settings’ app on iPhone 6 and go to the tab of ‘General’. 

Next, you need to scroll down the page and select the option of ‘Reset’. Now, you will find a list of resetting options below this tab. So, click on the option of ‘Erase All Content and Setting’ and tap the ‘Erase iPhone’ button. 

If it displays a popup window to confirm your action, click on ‘Yes’ or ‘OK’ for confirming the iPhone reset. Hopefully, the settings, data, and apps will not appear on your iPhone 6 after applying this method. 

Method 2- Backup Data and Launch Third-Party Program 

If you have access to the password of your iPhone 6 and you still want to apply the hard reset, try this solution. But, before applying the steps, ensure that you have the backup for your iPhone data. 

So, the first task is to open your account on iTunes or iCloud after connecting your iPhone 6 to a PC. In case, you want to create the backup using iTunes, connect your iPhone 6 to a computer. Then enter your password and follow the on-screen instructions to connect your iPhone to iTunes. 

Next, hit the tab for ‘Back Up Now’ and wait for iTunes to complete the backup from iPhone successfully. So, after backing up the valuable data, you can install a third-party solution for hard resetting your iPhone 6. If you want more information about how to reset iPhone 6 using such software or program, you can take help from professionals. 

In this article, you have come across a few effective methods to hard reset iPhone 6. If you are unable to apply these fixes, you can consult an Apple technician to receive instructions for force restarting your iPhone 6. A reliable technician can also assist you in hard resetting other iPhone models and troubleshoot various error codes.