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How to Reset iPhone Password With Your Macbook

Like others, iPhone also has a security feature to prevent unauthorized access from the users who tried to get inside your phone without taking prior permission. So if you’re phone is stolen or get into the wrong hand, it cannot be accessed unless you permit. You are the only person who knows the password, but what if you lost your password. To know more options on password recovery.

reset the iphone Password

To Reset iPhone Password , you need USB cable and iTunes software on your Mac.

Firstly, Remove Old Password

  • Connect your iPhone to the Mac book via USB cable.
  • Press the power button and turn off the iPhone, wait for the slider that appears after few seconds, as it appears, move it directly to the one side. If it takes longer than usual, make sure you have connected the USB rightly, if there is no connection, try a different port.
  • Now gently hold the home button along with power button, make sure you press them simultaneously. The home button is a round button in the lower portion of an iPhone. A yellow sign will indicate the restore mode on iPhone.
  • Now go to the computer and open iTunes software. As soon as iTunes starts click on the summary tab, now navigate the restore tab, after clicking on it, it will restore all the original setting to the iPhone. If you feel difficulty on connecting, visit MacBook Technical Support .

How to set new Password?

  • Now your iPhone is restored in a default setting, you can set a new password for the security and unauthorized access.
  • Go to the main menu and click on the setting icon
  • Navigate the “General Setting” option and choose the option for the pass code lock.
  • Now enter a four-digit code that will be required to unlock the phone, enter it two times to confirm. Please make a note that, you must choose the number which you can memorize easily, so will not have to restore the iPhone very often.
  • Choose how often you want password to be entered.

Important notice– While restoring you may lose all the information, such as media files, contacts, music, if you have not backup your iPhone before.

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