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Ultimate Guide To Fix “iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes” Error

iPhone represents a line of smartphones produced and marketed by Apple Inc. One of the most exciting features comes in the form of iTunes, the home of endless entertainment. It allows you the best way to organize and enjoy all your music and movies. But that does not make it is glitch-free. iPhone users often come across a pop-up message stating iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes. Read this article to know more about the error and essential information on how to resolve it quickly.

iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes

What Causes iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes Error?

iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes An error code appears if someone gives several unsuccessful attempts to unlock their iPhone. There is nothing to worry about as this process maintains the security of your device. This issue may also result if forget your own iPhone passcode and end up entering too many digits or if a child plays around with your iPhone. There is no alternative to unlock a disabled iPhone, which means you need to go for a Recovery Mode to eradicate data from your device. Furthermore, you will need to restore your iPhone with an iTunes backup. In fact, it is recommended to keep a backup of all your iPhone data.

How To Fix iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes?

You can try some basic hacks provided by our Tech Support team to resolve the issue without any hassle. All you need to do is follow the given guidelines step by step.

Fix 1: Connect to iTunes

If you often use iTunes to create backups for your iPhone, then you can use the iTunes method to help yourself out of the situation.

  • Connect your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes.
  • Now, click on the icon that resembles your device. This step will lead you to all the information of your device.
  • Find the option to Restore iPhone option on the Summary tab and click on it.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions, and you will get your iPhone restored.

Your device will start up shortly and resolve the “iPhone disabled connect to iTunes” error.

Fix 2: With Recovery Mode

  • Plug your iPhone into your computer and open the iTunes.
  • Hold down the Sleep button and Home buttons both at the same time. Your device will automatically enter into Recovery Mode.
  • Once your iPhone enters Recovery Mode, iTunes will ask you to Restore or Update your device through a message on your computer screen. Here, you need to select the Restore option.
  • Your iPhone will download its restored iOS software.

Once your iPhone gets restored, you need to reboot the device for getting rid of the “iPhone disabled Connect to iTunes” error.

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